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JLT series 3 CAI & SCT X3 tuner
DIY ported stock throttle body (used)
DIY charge motion delete plates (used)
Steeda underdrive pulleys
JBA replica shorty headers
Pypes high flow cats (used)
Ford Performance X-pipe
GT/CS axle back mufflers (used)
Brenspeed 91 octane custom tune
Driver & Passenger side eBay air/oil separators


McLeod RXT twin disc clutch assembly
McLeod billet steel flywheel
McLeod braided SS clutch hydraulic line
Barton short throw shifter
DSS 3.5" aluminum driveshaft


BMR rear lower control arms & relocation brackets
Prothane rear sway bar & end link bushings
Energy Suspension rear track bar bushings
Prothane rear differential carrier bushing

Energy Suspension front control arm bushings
Energy Suspension front sway bar bushings
GT500 front strut mounts


Powerslot cryotreated front rotors
Hawk Performance ceramic front brake pads


Premium 6-gauge instrument cluster (used)
Info/Setup/Reset switch assembly
Premium leather steering wheel (used)
SilverHorse Racing trunk release switch


CDC sequential taillight kit Sequential Hazards, Sequential Left Turn, Sequential Right Turn


2010 Mustang engine splash shield
DIY front undertray extensions

Wheels & Tires

GT/CS 18" chrome Bullitt wheels
255/45R18 tires


Maximum HP: 321rwhp (364hp crank or 79.2hp/liter) @ 6100rpm
Maximum TQ: 333rwtq (374lbft crank or 81.4lbft/liter) @ 4400rpm

The result was a solid 50rwhp & 44rwtq (53hp & 46lbft crank) gain over stock from simple external bolt-on performance parts plus a custom 91 octane tune costing a mere $1300. Maximum HP/TQ outputs now match those of a stock Gen 1 F-150 Coyote 5.0L V8 engine but from 350cc less cylinder displacement and at a fraction of the cost of a Coyote swap. Not bad for a "little" 4.6 that's still equipped with the original stock cylinder heads/camshafts/intake manifold! Even the cats remain in the original stock location to comply with stringent emissions regulations.

Thanks to a fully functional variable cam timing system, at least 270rwtq (81% of maximum) is available over a wide 1400-6200rpm range. Consequently performance is strong all the way from off-idle right up to the 6500rpm rev limiter. Indeed it's possible to make rapid progress on most public roads using only 3rd gear (effective speed range 17-109mph)!

Underhood Appearance

Redline Tuning hood struts
CPC radiator extension covers (used)
BBK intake manifold plenum cover
VMS Racing chrome strut tower caps & nuts
DIY 8" shorty antenna

Front Fender Decals

These aftermarket decals leave unsuspecting bystanders in no doubt that there's a muscular V8 lurking under the hood!