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My 2006 GT came in base trim with an all-black dashboard, black door panels, black carpets, charcoal grey cloth seats, a 4-gauge instrument cluster, and a black plastic steering wheel. The interior was in very good condition but was rather sombre-looking with only chrome gauge and vent bezels adding a little bling, leaving me with the perfect blank canvas to upgrade.

Steering Wheel

The original black plastic-rimmed steering wheel had seen better days so I replaced it with a good used leather-rimmed wheel that had brushed aluminium accents on the spokes to brighten things up.

Gauge Cluster

I replaced the original 4-gauge instrument cluster with a good used 6-gauge instrument cluster that had the additional factory battery voltage and oil pressure gauges. The new cluster had recorded only 6100 miles less than the old cluster so I chose not to have it reprogrammed.

I then added a new OEM switch panel with INFO/SETUP/RESET buttons (Ford part no. 6R3Z-18578AA) to replace the blank panel to the left of the cigarette lighter. This would enable me to reset the trip meter, change the background colour of the gauges (MyColor), and access information stored in the on-board computer.

Barton Short Throw Shifter

One of the most common modifications to any late model Mustang is a short throw shifter. The factory has always provided a quiet comfortable shifter that worked well for normal driving, but was quite vague for performance driving with throws that were a bit too long for quick shifts at the drag strip. With all the improvements Ford made on the 2005-9 Mustangs, a true performance shifter wasn't one of them.
The stock remote-mounted shifter has a reputation for binding and making gearchanges difficult at higher rpm when the mushy rubber mounting bushings become worn. The shifter in my 2006 GT didn't suffer from this issue and still remained precise but when the Barton short throw shifter was introduced to the market, I had to buy it. This transmission-mounted shifter eliminates the binding issue of the stock shifter and the 36% shorter throws make the car much more enjoyable to drive. The Barton shifter engages each gear with a solid click and feels like it's hewn from granite.