I don't know why you make me feel like the things we do

are important to me, and not to you

what makes you feel like you know what I go through

when you don't know how I feel

even about you, oh why....oh why

things we've done together and apart

we knew we'd be ending even from the very start

and I don't even know why

what makes you think

you have any clue of the things

I feel about you when

I don't even know myself

why, ask why

painful memories I will take with me

all the hurt you won't be here to see

I won't scream or cry

cuz you would never even ask why

you, will never cry.....and I know why

it's just a waste of time, still I tried

Tell me what you say is from the heart

if you feel you need to play your part

go ahead and try

go ahead, waste your time

what's been done you'll never take away

nothing left for me or you to say

no need to cry

yes this is.....goodbye....


copyright 2005-2006 Tom Gravitt, Josh Miggler, and Dave Burtzos