Announcers, Sounders, Original Artists and Featured Artist Promos!

13StepsRadio is proud to announce our first "Featured Artist" as Nick Carter Green's "Don't Wanna Lose" makes it's 13SR radio debut! Check him out at NickCarterGreen.Com and @NickCarterGreen on Twitter! He's featured in our Rap Hitz Block and will be in rotation from here on out in all rap playlists.


If you would like to be a featured artist on 13StepsRadio, please submit your mp3 via email Migz@13SRadio.Com or via twitter @13stepsRadio, and we'll get you in rotation during the appropriate music block!


You'll also notice a better selection of artists in our playlists as we continually add more content, new sounders and DJ's with more on the way all the time.


Kill your time online with us at 13StepsRadio and thanks for listening!




Thirteen Steps Debuts on Radionomy!

As this channel grows, it will feature an hour by hour playlist of handpicked songs by genre. There will be plenty of Rap and Metal  mixed in with Classic Rock, the best Pop Hits from the last 20 years, and in general good music with something for everyone!


This station and 13Step (Migz) are dedicated to personalization and bringing a unique and eclectic mix of music for people of all ages and musical tastes. There will be full programming posted on the websites (when completed) so you can swallow this channel when you're feeling hungry for something in particular to satisfy that musical desire.


As we get started, figuring out time zones, websites, programming, and other details please enjoy the mix currently in the offering. There are some playlists already in the works and many many hours of great music to listen to as we grow the station together!


Thanks for listening to 13SRadio!