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anthrsocialcslty: I lover alchohol!
anthrsocialcslty: Yay!
toke1_2k2: yay
toke1_2k2: im having a helluva night, sorry
toke1_2k2: my girl drank some hard liquor, freaked out, and beat my ass
toke1_2k2: im dropping this to save it right now, from a legal standpoint: I was sleeping for 2 hours when she dropped a bunch of cold water on my head, called me an asshole, and apparently ran out a window
toke1_2k2: she drank roughly a 1/2 bottle of tequila, absolutely geeked out, and I left because I was afraid of getting charged with domestic shit when she repeatedly assaulted me. 
toke1_2k2: I came home to a quiet house, went to sleep about 12:30 am, and woke up to glass after glass of freezing cold water being poured on my head as she smacked me in the face and called me an "asshole"
toke1_2k2: I woke up, asked what she was doing, and she ran away, out her bathroom window, saying I was "going to kill her" even though I had been sleeping for roughly an hour and a half. I don't know where she is now
toke1_2k2: It is 2:35 AM and I am confused, scared for her safety, and wondering what in the hell is going on in her mind