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Band and Song Lineup for October 8th 2011

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We Lie Beneath: In Divinity

Sea Swallowed Us Whole: Look Boy, A Seagull

As I Lay Dying: Anodyne Sea

Phavian: Feldgrau

Aviyn: Let It Go

Behold, The Colossus: Real Men Start Forest Fires

ThorHammer: Kingdom of Fire

Born of Osiris: Follow the Signs

The Science of Sleep; Dr.Nuclear Part 1

Pat the Human: From Pariah, Up!

Rise Against: Survivor Guilt

My Final Estate: Sir Timothy Snobbz

Patterns of Myra: Perceptions (New!)

The Faceless: My Hopeless

Madam Trashy: Weary Breath

Avion Roe: Who I Am

Murder Death Kill: People Will Die

Spine Extraction: Vortex of Disease

Pantera: Primal Concrete Sledge

Seas of Wake: This Feelings Mutual

Pale Horse: Cauterize

Rammstein: Du Hast

A Year From Yesterday: For the Whorde

Breaking the Deceiver: The Affair

Devil Driver: You Make Me Sick

Patterns of Myra: For All Those Fallen

Spine Extraction: Blackened Soul

A Skylit Drive: Cali Buds

Madam Trashy: Tiny Hands

Sumo Cyco: Limp

Snow Whites Poison Bite: Lets Get Dead With the Living

She Waves the Flag: Bastard out of California

Dr.Acula: Cocaine Avalanche

Amorphead: Scream Inside

Amorphead: Depth

iwrestledabearonce: Deoderant Cant Fix Ugly

Phavin: Tyrian

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