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This page contains some poetry of my own as well as links to sites of other artists whom i know personally or whose poetry i have come across and enjoyed. I am welcome to comments wether good or bad that you may have about anything you find on this page or linked to it. You can find my e-mail addy on the main page. Thanks for reading....i hope you have enjoyed :)

cracked and broken, a wilted flower on a dirty floor
mirrored images of life and death 
forgotten beauty on a dusty wall
so little left where once the world stood to behold

rushed emabraces and obligated love
tired hearts and fearful spirits
faith forgotten and fear entangled
beauty hidden in different shades of grey

When fear is fighting its way through even the bravest of hearts
And Life is the ultimate test in temptation
What will become of my faith?
When I stand before you will you embrace me and call me daughter
Or will my head hang in shame as eternal bliss crumbles before me


He walks with emptiness
Surrounded, yet alone
His shadow is not seen
He is no longer there

The silence of his feet 
Falls loudly on the ground
He is heard yet not seen
Has wounds but does not bleed

He reaches out for someone
And finds that no ones there
He continues on alone 
In a world full of despair


Rays of moonlight flow through from her as if she owns the very moon
Still pale and stubborn in its nightly orb yet strangely erotic
Shooting stars in her eyes as if the very galaxy were hers to control
Manes of silky silver light, flowing like a river, down her lily-white skin
How the world would love to embrace her as their nightly queen
Worship at her very feet bring gift to appease their glowing goddess
Tame her they cannot for she yearns to be free of her earthy chains

Taming beauty He held out his hand for her to take A premiere gentleman in his long dark cape She stood frozen, her eyes locked on his gaze Tumbling into a deep emotional haze Her heart fluttered as their hands grazed She was totally and completely amazed How could such a beauty fall for someone so plain But all he saw was a woman hed love to tame



FOR CHRIS Don't despair your knight in shining arms will find you.... My life would not exist without him For he is the very breath which sustains me and wether its wrong or wether its right my heart yearns to hold him by my side His smile lights my life like a ray of morning sun For he is the light that guides my darkest pathes and wether its wrong or wether its right my heart yearns for him to hold me by his side He is in every sigh my lonely breath makes Each morning i wait for his light to awaken me and wether its wrong or wether its right my heart waits for him to be at my side

her life is like a painting so beautiful and intricate studied and admired from afar but you dont see the pain in its creation in a crafted frame we place her for that perfect spot on the wall but all she is is a place holder no meaning to her life at all behind the wall she is trapped clawing to break free from her confines but the wall is too solid to break and she remains feeling lost and alone

Why does my heart feel so empty when my life seems so full how can you see right through me like i do not exist at all i can't wake up from this dream please wake me into reality save me from the nightmare ive become because i dont wanna try no more my heart lays broken on the shelf put away for another day I don't need it anyway

Sometimes I wonder why I ever called your name Why I ever took you back Ive never been the same Never could I imagine The pain youd make me feel Too many lonely heartache nights Too many days gone by If only I had walked away And never took your hand Then maybe then I would be ok But for me its way too late Locked up in these prison walls Never will I escape these chains My heart is sick with grief For me there is no cure Because Im still in love with you


You say sweet words and make me fall for you You make me feels theres nothing more that I can do But just let it ride, just let it flow Just let you in, Just cant let go I close my eyes but all I think of is you I go to work yet still all I think of is you So I'll just let it ride, just let it flow I've let you in, now I can't let go It makes me crazy just to think of you So many miles between but what can I do But let it ride, and let it flow You're already in and I can't let go

The ramblings of a twisted mind... So many reasons to run, and yet I stay. Seems to easy to hide or run away. A thousand galaxies in my head, and yet I still want you. Im my dreams you haunt me, taunt me, flaunt me. And I hardly know the world of me without you. I'll never forget the way you looked at me that night. And your ghost is here, so close, like cheek to cheek. A shudder runs through my spine as I feel you pass. Tommorow is another day and I know I will wake without you.

In the Shadows I hid For love was a plague Caught in a tangled web I stuggled to break free But when our eyes first met I knew My heart, my soul, my mind were forever tangled in you

you in my thoughts day and night when im not talking to you when im supposed to be working when i try not to think of you your there, in my head Sometimes im scared to let myself think of you then i try not too and that scares me too maybe im just scared of you Scared of my heart because you got in because no matter what you already broke through now I cant stop thinking of you

I cant explain why you make me feel this way the way a smile lights up my face the way my heart beats that little bit more the way my thoughts drift to you when I awake the way my mind whispers your name before I sleep I feel like I am crazy, like ive gone mad like in a crowded room there would only be you how strange it is to never have heard your voice or looked into your soul through your eyes how with simply a written word I could fall for you crazy it seems that I cant explain how i feel for you

boy you got me twisted wrapped in your web not fighting to break free ill let you devour me instead

time leaves you with a memory of a moment thats lost so sweet the moment yet so painful the memory remember the time we cried, and how we laughed the moment when the world was ours alone what might of been is what haunts my dreams what steals my waking moments with thoughts of you I close my eyes and sigh knowing time will soon erase my vision of you and the life we could have shared

what a cruel game this thing called fate how she twists our hearts and rots our minds with visions of perfection and beauty but hunny reality aint that great

How A thousand galaxies swarm insead my head I reach out to touch one but theres nothings there Just a whisper of a star in dream i once had How do you touch the stars when gravity holds you back How do you let something go when its something you can not grasp What a teasing mind game the night can play To tempt and tease you with such heavenly bliss And leave the memory of a dance in a dream you once had How do you dance apon a star when gravity pulls you back How do you let go of something that fate wont let you grasp

A master manipulator is like a spider. It weaves its web so intricately beautiful, luring its prey deep within its confines. You can struggle to break free but with each twist and each turn, each heaving breath, each ounce of last strength, the spider waits patiently as you become entangled. Unable to break free. Unable to save yourself. Unable to do anything but watch in horror, as the creature savors its prey.

how quickly we forget what tired eyes have seen the horror the world breeds and the lives it left behind everything weve ever felt everything wever ever known is barely a ounce of what lies waiting what tired eyes cannot see the demons wirthin us breath each beat of our heart gives it strength its a constant battle we blindly fight it haunts us even in dreams

deep inside me i feel it breath it silently waits for the right moment when control will snap and reason will die i fight a constant battle every day to keep this demon at bay but i fell it there with each beat of my heart I fear one day the battle will be lost the wait will end, the demon will live I feel the resistance weakening This fight is one I cannot win

My Diary

Prologue: IN THE EYES OF A VAMPIRE A novel in the works by Erin Foran Listen well my friend, and I will tell you a story. A story of an evil no mortal could comprehend. A condemned soul cries out in the night, not knowing where to go, not knowing how to fight. Not sure if he is dead, but knowing he is not alive. He searches the darkness for the truth, but hears nothing but his own anguish. A blood-drinking beast is all he seems to be. No thoughts, no feelings, or is it just a dream? Searching for the answers his heart yearns to know. He is condemned to an eternity of wandering, calling and crying. Silently, that great ball of fire creeps into the dark shy. Glancing up he cringes in pain and takes shelter in a coffin, never again to see the light of day.

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