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The Day My World Was Torn Apart

On July 10,1994 my oldest daughter Bunny, her daughter DezaRaye,her sister Brandy,{my youngest daughter} her two cousuns Nickey,Amanda,Bunnys boyfriend Robert,And two of there friends Eric and Natashia,went swimming,Just like all kids do and this what happen to distroy my family.They were swimming and enjoying the afternoon .They were at a place where all the kids hung out they saw a man driving a four wheeler he talked to serval of the kids there then he stoped to talk to my kids. He told them he was a game wardon so they thought he was ok to talk to. He told them his name was Rocky.He only talked to them a few minutes and drove around on his Four wheeler.As evening aproched they decided to come home they had to park the truck and walk up a path to get to the swimming hole, when they got back to the truck they had a flat tire.The man that called himself Rocky which we found later is David Whittington showed up. He offered to give someone a ride to the phone but said it had to be somene small like Natashia or Mandy.Nicky told him no thanks him and Erica left walking to find a phone,DeazRaye and Mandy were getting cold.Robert was trying to build a fire for them ,when he looked up he could tell by the look on Bunnys face something was wrong.He started to walk to them to see what was wrong and David shot him Robert fell to the ground and acted like he was dead.Mandy was sitting just a little ways from him he told her to lay down and cover up and not to move. Bunny had hid behind the truck and was bent down he came behind the truck and shot her.He then grabed Natashia and began to fondle her then thur her over the hill. David Whittington then just got on his four wheeler and left. Brandy got them in the truck and even tho she had never drove before started out to try and get help,the first house she stopped at she was crying and asking them to please help and call an ambulance her sister had ben shot the man told her to get the f--- of his property he didn't want to get involved she then started out agian to try and find help.She ran into Nicky and Eric they were with someone that was giving them a ride back to the rest of the kids .Nicky had used there phone to call my brother ,his dad to come and fix the flat. FRom there the man took them to his home. I had worked that day when I came home from work I thought it strange noone was home.About 10 or 15 minutes later Natashia sister knocked on my door and told me to come with them Bunny had been shot.Her parents took us to my Bunny. When we arrivrd there you couldn't get close to the house there were people,cars ,ambulance,police everywhere. I heard someone yell NanNan I knew it was my DezaRaye,then I remember policeman standing all around me and telling me I couldn't go in the house because there wasn't enough room the parametics were working in Bunny and Robert.The next thing I remember is walking up the steps going in the house and seeing Bunny laying there. I knew she was scared but glad I was there she got me by the hand,I remember them saying they were taking Bunny by health net.The next thing I remember is yelling for Butch {my brother} to take me to the hoisptal quick when they said health net I became even more afriad than I already was,my husband had died just 4 yrs.early from a motorcycle wreck.In my mind all I could remember was them taking him by healh net and him dying before he got to the hoisptail. Then I relized I didn't have on any shoes I still don't know what made me even think about shoes. I arrive at the hoisptal noone would tell me anything and they kept telling me I couldn't see her yet.Every mimute seemed like hours.I knew my baby needed her mommy so I just walked in without telling them,Bunny was in the first room that I looked in.When I saw her at the house there wasn't hardly any blood,but now there was blood everywhere,The Dr.told me they were going to have to do some surgery,he said the bullet had went clear thur her body but hadn't touched the baby and Bunnys was in labor.I told him I love my grandbaby but that is my daughter and for him to go ahead and take the baby so it would be easier on Bunny.He said that her carring the baby wasn't hurting Bunnys condition any but they always save the mother if it came down to that. Bunnys in surgrey now,the Dr came out and told me the bullet had messed up Bunnys intestines and needed me to sign papers they were going to put a bag on her side but after about 6 mo.they could do surgery agian and repair the damange.I remember thinking Bunny was going to be so mad after all she was still young and never went anywhere without her make up on etc.She was in surgrey 6 hours.They couldn't remove the bullet.On the 15 th Bunny delivered Miracle.On the 17 th Bunnys heart stoped and so did mine.It took them almost 4 minutes to get it beating agian,the next 2 days my child done nothing but cry and have sezious. On the 19 th her heart couldn't take anymore she went to heaven. I don't remember to much about those days,but this what I do remember. I thought as long as I stayed awake Bunny would be ok,her tears rolling down her face I would tell her not to cry,then I relized thatwas how she was letting me know she could hear me her last 2 days ,I remember washing her face and brushing her hair,her wrighting me notes,the last thing she ever said to me I LOVE YOU in sign languse,from the very first night her looking up to the sky when I would tell her she as going to be ok and come home,making a tape with DezaRaye on it for Bunny,I remember watching her swell then go back to her size,her holding my hand,so many people came and went the phone calls people that cared, I remember watching my child fight for ever breath she took.People sending money to me cards,prayers and me thinking she was comming home.I remember praying and saying God please don't take her if I have to feed her and change her I don't care she can sleep with me God she does most of the time anyway I don't care if she ever walks or anything just please don't take from me.Please don't take my baby from me she's only 19. I guess God had other plans for Bunny because he took her home on July 19,1994 Bunny I know you are in a better place and we will be together agian,but remember this I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. I love you and miss you so very much some days I don't think I'm going to make it but by the grace of God he gets me thur so I can keep my promise to you and see your 2 little girls raised.


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