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What's Next For Us!!!

Life Now

I think DezaRaye, Miracle, Courtney will be ok. They are already survivors, they already have lost and been hurt more than children should be and they keep on moving forward. Why because I make them I don't lie to them I tell them the truth no NanNan isn't going to live forever so you have to be able to take care of yourself when I'm gone. Tyler will grow without much pain in his life and I'm glad for this. If his pawpaw lives long enough to see him grown he'll be ok if not he will be devaststed but he will bounce back in time. Brandy I'm not to sure about if she ever figures out she is someone and quits letting other people control her she will go a lot farther in life and be a lot happier. She wants and needs her dad back in her life and they are working on it. Oh my baby Nicole I think in time she is going to be ok to. I don't think God would allow me to have all this faith that he is going to heal her and not do it. I think she has a hard road ahead of her but as long as I can I will be right there As for Burke I honestly do not no. He is good person, has a lot of friends, I hope enough that the hurt won't eat him up. If he is not careful he will be old and all alone with nothing but hurt and bitterness. I don't want that for him and I know Bunny wouldn't either. I am glad him and Brandy are getting a bond together they both need that. I hope he gets to know his grandchildren before they get much older before it's to late to have that special bond that only grandparents are allowed to have. Well I guess that just leaves me. I can only say that I believe God has chosen me to raise these girls and I will the very best I can. I don't see me with anyone my heart is to full of hurt. The one thing I want I can never have my child .How can I ever trust anyone enough to ever love them? It takes time to build a relationship that's something I don't have. It has been to long for me I wouldn't know where or how to start and I don't have time to learn. My life is just what it is and it's going to be that way till I die. I can't love anyone the way a person deserves to be I don't have it in me anymore. I don't have the strength to even try to . The people I already have in my life are the ones that have been there for ever. I already love them and that's all the love I have left. I don't know if I will ever feel anything but pain and hurt I just don't know. Other than what I have just told you I don't know what will happen next I just don't know. I want to thank all that have been here and signed my guest book, voted for my web site. I thank all you that sent me awards and gifts, and I thank all of who have prayed and cared. God be with you always and keep you safe.

Connie Bunny's Mom

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