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Courtney is my neice,she is almost 10 years.old I call her my chosen one My youngest brother is her daddy.Her mommys name is Donna. When Courtney figured out her mommy wasn't comming back after her,I had my hands full.Donna and John had been seperated sinse Courtney was a baby.Donna couldn't have John so everytime she would get mad at Courtney she would tell her you look just like your dad.Donna was very hard on Courtney even tho she was only 2.Donna would whip her for things because she would be mad at John. I thank God Courtney doesn't remember the things her mom put her through.From putting hot sause in her mouth,putting her in a room and shutting the door with no light on or heat,calling her names,always buying things for Courtneys sister [not Johns]but yet Courtney had to wear hand me downs When I got Courtney she couldn't eat without making a mess that you would expect from a baby just learning how to feed themselves,she could lie like someone that was grown.That is something that has to be taught to a child that small.She was so mean but after all that was all she had ever known. She don't ask about her mommy to much anymore,even tho the judge gave DONNA SUPERVISED VISTATION she hasn't called in over 2 years and it's been longer sinse she has come to see Courtney.When she did come it would be once in awhile just long enough for me to pick up the pieces agian ,long enough for Courtney to quit asking about her. John comes and goes,when he is here he feels guilty so he tries to let her get away with things that I don't allow.She knows this to and uses it to the limit.He will buy things for her I tell him John you can't do that there are 3 girls here.These girls are raised together I always buy the same for all 3.They don't understand why he buys for Courtney and not get them the same thing.He will get Courtney something big and get them something small,or give Courtney a $5:00 and them 1.Yes they know John is Courtneys dad but they only understand I'm the one who is raising them. It get so hard here sometimes,hard to try to make some sense out of all this. Courtney knows she has a mommy and daddy that are alive but yet neither one are raising her.She doesn't understand why and neither do I.Donna wants to drink and do her drugs and party all the time instead of making a home for Courtney,John will probally always be just like he is .He is 33 years old and never thinks about next week just what is happening right now.He has good intentions when he is here but that is far as it goes. He may come and stay a week or two then be gone for months,or stay for a couple of months and then be off agian we never know. Courtney as long as I live or as long as I am abel I will love and take care of you. You are my chosen one!!!!I didn't have to raise you or love you but I chose to.I belive everthing happens for a reason so I belive God sent you to me for his reasons. I want you to know, that I know ,how bright you are .You can do anything you want to and be anything you want to be.Don't you ever let anyone slow you down you keep on going untill you get to the top and then you stay there ok honey?

Always Always remember

NanNan loves you!!!!!

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~Dolly Parton ~