Chapter 17

Marie wished that she could wake up from the horrible nightmare she found herself trapped in. She wanted to wake up to Creed gone and Logan holding her in his arms. She definitely wanted to feel Logan’s arms around her. Logan meant safety and, at that moment, safety was something that Marie was in short supply of.

Being tied up in the back of a boat with your brother lying three feet away in a drugged stupor would do that to a person.

“Kurt, wake up,” Marie hissed, ignoring the tears that had been sliding down her cheeks since Creed had pulled her from Logan the night before.

She could remember the blood.

Logan’s blood.

That was what Marie remembered the most. She had screamed around the gag thrust in her mouth as Creed shoved his lethal claws into Logan’s chest, creating a jagged tear that extended across his entire chest. Logan moaned, his eyes flickering slightly, but he didn’t wake up. In a move that sickened Marie beyond belief, Creed had leaned over Logan’s prone body and swiped his tongue through the blood pooling on Logan’s stomach. He had mumbled something to Logan then that Marie couldn’t hear then he and Toad had dragged her from the hotel room. She had screamed and sobbed, pleading for Logan to wake up. A few people had poked their heads out of their rooms, but at the sight of Creed, they had all gone back in as though nothing was happening.

Marie knew that Logan would have been all right by this time. Unfortunately, she had a gut feeling that Logan was heading back to Erik’s base in the Rockies. A place where they weren’t. Erik and his minions had taken her and Kurt to the other side of the continent. To the Statue of Liberty. Marie knew that Logan couldn’t get to her in time to stop Erik’s plan. Even if he knew where she was, which he didn’t.

The snatches of conversation that she could hear from the other room in the boat, made Marie feel even more terrified. They were talking about her death as though she was nothing. Marie knew that she was going to die. Strangely enough, Marie wasn’t scared about the fact that she was going to die. Marie was scared for Logan. She didn’t want to think about how Logan would react when she died. After the way he’d reacted when she’d been shot and when Erik had kept him locked in the room, Marie was truly terrified about what would happen to him when she didn’t come back. Once she was dead, no amount of kissing or touching would bring her back.

“You’re going to die, little whore,” Creed snarled as he entered the room Marie was in. “Magneto’s gonna suck the life right outta ya. Don’t know how that toy of his works. All I know is that you’ll end up dead before the run gets here. Hell, you’ll probably be rotting by the time he arrives.”

Refusing to show any weakness in front of the monster despite her seemingly endless tears, Marie glared up at him. “Ya just go on believing that. Logan’ll be here an’ he’ll kick yer ass from here t’ hell. Yer not gonna kill me.”

“‘Course not,” Creed taunted. “I’m leaving that pleasure to Magneto. I just get to fuck with the runt’s head when it’s all over.”

“Logan’ll never let ya hurt him like that,” Marie insisted, keeping her eyes trained on Creed as he loomed over her. “He’ll kill ya first.”

“If you didn’t wreak of fear, I might actually consider taking that seriously,” Creed growled, crouching down in front of her.

“That asshole’s not gonna win,” Marie hissed, all her bravado fading as Creed lowered his face only inches from hers. “He... he won’t.”

Creed snarled and snapped his teeth, causing Marie to cry out. Not wasting a moment, Creed shoved her to the ground, straddling her waist despite her best attempts to buck him off. He was too big, though. Too heavy. No matter how hard she tried, the most Marie seemed to be doing was arousing him. Marie began to sob even harder when he grabbed hold her of hand and pressed it against the bulge in the front of his pants.

“Feel that, little whore? Betcha have the same effect on the runt. ‘Course he’s a piddly thing so I doubt he’d make such an impression,” Creed rumbled, rocking into her hand. “He probably doesn’t make you scream like I will.”

“Must you always be so vulgar, Creed,” Mystique chided as she entered the room.

Creed leered up at the blue woman. “Because I can. Now get the fuck outta here so I can continue with what I was doing.”

“Sorry, big boy, but Erik wants you to put her in the machine. So that means no fucking her till we finish this,” Mystique ordered, crossing her arms over her chest.

“But she’ll be dead then,” Creed protested.

Mystique looked incredibly bored by this conversation, rolling her eyes. “That hasn’t bothered you in the past so it shouldn’t bother you now.”

Suddenly, Marie was incredibly terrified in her own demise. She didn’t want her body to be desecrated like that. Marie had no doubts that Creed would actually fuck her when she was dead. The effect that it would have on Logan was unthinkable. It would destroy him.

“Bitch,” Creed snarled, pushing himself off of Marie. He picked her up and flung her over his shoulder with barely any effort. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you cared about your whelps.”

“Believe whatever you want, Creed, just get her in the machine so Erik can get it situated,” Mystique said absently as she left the room.

Marie was able to catch a brief glimpse of Kurt as Creed lugged her out of the room. She silently pleaded with him to wake up and zap them out of there. At that moment, Kurt was her only chance of surviving the night. She would be dead unless he woke up. It was a lot of pressure to put on her brother, even if he didn’t’ know it, but it was what Marie believed. There was no way that Creed would let her escape and the possibility of Logan coming to the rescue was non-existent. That left Kurt.

Hang on, Marie. I’m coming for you.

At the sound of Logan’s voice in her head caught Marie off guard. She hadn’t heard Logan’s voice in her mind since the day Erik had originally taken Logan from the hospital. Logan’s powers had faded from her body along with his her link to his mind. The fact that it was back sent Marie for a loop.

I’m comin as fast as I can, Marie. Please just hang on for me.

Marie whimpered at the desperation in Logan’s voice. There was so much pain in his voice. More than she could bear. She didn’t want Logan to hurt because of her and knew that he would be hurting much worse once the night was over. Marie would be unable to comfort him then. She wouldn’t be able to do anything for him and that hurt Marie more than she knew her death would.

Don’t give up on me, Marie. Please don’t give up one me. I’ll be there. I swear. Just please hang in there.

Logan’s pain was so real. So fresh. Marie would have cried harder, but she didn’t think that was possible. Her head ached from all the crying she had been doing and she was surprised that she actually had any tears left to shed. But still they came.

“Quit your wailing, you little whore,” Creed snarled, slapping his hand down hard on her backside.

Marie was so mortified that she actually stopped crying for a second. It lasted only a moment, though, then Marie was crying just as hard as she had been before.

Marie wailed loudly as Creed dropped her onto the ground. It was a long fall and with the hard ground, her awkward landing was all the more painful. Creed grabbed her wrists in one hand, slicing easily through the ropes that bound her wrists together. Keeping her hands firmly locked in a single massive hand, Logan moved them over to a metal column that would have reached about her waist had she been standing up. There was a metal cuff hanging from it which Creed locked her wrist in. A few seconds later, her other wrist was in a matching cuff on a similar column on her other side.

“You’re gonna die, little whore. Too bad it’s not just you that’s gonna die,” Creed snarled, crouching down so that he was at eye level with her.

“What are ya talkin’ about?” Marie whimpered, staring at him with wide brown eyes.

Creed pretended to look shocked. “You mean to tell me that you don’t know?”

Marie scooted backwards as far as the cuffs would allow her. “Don’t know what?”

“That you and the runt are going to be proud parents?” Creed asked, not bothering to hide his glee.

Marie’s eyes got even wider. “But that means that....”

“There’s a little bundle of joy growing inside your stomach. Yep. You and the runt managed to procreate,” Creed confirmed. “Not that you’re gonna be alive long enough to give birth to the little bastard. It’ll kill the runt when he finds your corpse.”

“Like Ah told ya, Ah’m not gonna die,” Marie insisted, shaking her head defiantly. “Logan’ll be here. He’ll save me an’ the baby.”

“You just go on believing that, little whore.”

Then Creed was gone, leaving Marie alone with the information she had just received. Information that was too much for her to digest at that moment. She was pregnant.


When she was a little girl, Marie had always dreamed of the day she would become a mother. She had wanted to have a daughter whose hair she could put in pigtails and dress up in cute little outfits. After her mutation had become an issue, Marie had decided against motherhood. She would risk cursing another being with her mutation.

But now she was pregnant. Pregnant with Logan’s child.

That meant she had to live through the night. She had to fight and survive. Marie didn’t know how she was going to do that just yet, but she was going to.

Marie was going to survive for Logan and the baby. She wouldn’t let them down.