Chapter 17: Feel The Love

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Scott roared, lunging at Logan.

Before Logan had a chance to react, he was sprawled on the ground with an enraged older brother pounding his head into the ground.



It took both Kurt, Marie’s father, Daniel, and Jean’s brother, Bobby, to pull Scott off Logan. Even when they did manage to get him across the room, all three men were forced to continue restraining him for several minutes until his struggles began to lessen. While the men were restraining Scott, Marie was holding Logan in her arms as Jean checked his eyes for any sign of a concussion.

“Looks like the baby’s not gonna be the one with a concussion,” Marie said lightly, pressing her lips against Logan’s shoulder.

Logan only made an annoyed whimpering noise and reached a hand to the back of his head. Cooing in response, Marie reached up and brushed a kiss against his temple. Of all the things she had expected to happen when they told her family about the baby, Marie certainly hadn’t expected Scott to react like that. She knew that Scott didn’t like Logan that much, but they had only met once and that was eight months ago. Marie had thought he would have gotten over it by then.

“The good news is that Logan doesn’t have a concussion,” Jean said as she pulled away from Logan. “Bad news is that he has a nasty bump on the back of his head. So I suggest that he takes some Advil or something or else he’s going to have one hell of a headache later.”

“Ya okay, sugah?” Marie asked, turning Logan’s face towards her, frowning when she saw the pained expression in his eyes.

Logan nodded slightly, lowering his head onto her shoulder. “I told you we shoulda stayed home,” Logan mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Ah know, sugah, but Ah thought Scooter was more grown up than this,” Marie said softly, glaring at her brother as she spoke. “The least he coulda done was wait till the end o’ our announcement ‘fore attankin’ ya.”

“And just what is the rest of this announcement?” Daniel asked, shooting warning glances at his eldest son. Looks that Marie knew meant ‘be careful or you’re in big trouble’.

Marie helped Logan to his feet, wincing as he screwed his eyes shut in pain. Once she was sure that he wasn’t going to topple over, she turned back to the rest of her family. “Well, ‘fore Scooter interrupted me, Ah was gonna tell ya’ll that not only are Logan an’ Ah gonna have a baby, but that Logan asked me t’ marry him.... Ah said yes t’ that, by the way.”

“Marie, that’s wonderful!” Jean cried, reaching over to embrace her soon-to-be sister-in-law. “Let me see the ring!”

Marie held up her left hand, proudly showing off the ring Logan had bought her. She didn’t know how Logan had managed to buy such a perfect ring. There was no possible way he could have known that she had been eyeing that ring for months, longing to buy it but always managing to talk herself out of it.

With one final glare at Scott to be sure that he behaved himself, Daniel walked over to the pair. He pulled Marie into an exuberant hug, lifting her off the ground. “I’m real happy for you, peanut. You are happy, aren’t you?”

Marie grinned over at Logan who was standing stock still next to her. “Yeah, Ah’ve never been happier.”

“Then I’m happy for you,” Daniel said fondly. He then looked over at Logan and held out his hand. “I guess this would be the part where I welcome you into the family.”

“Thank you, sir,” Logan said, shaking the older man’s hand.

Daniel rolled his eyes and pulled the younger man into a quick hug. “No need to be so formal, lad. You’re family now. No callin’ me ‘sir.’ I’m gonna be yer Dad soon enough.”

Even though all he did was nod in acknowledgment, Marie knew how much what her father said meant to Logan. Not having a family, or even the memory of one, Logan had longed to have a family. A real one. While she knew that he loved the idea of the two of them having their own family, the idea that they were a part of a larger family meant a lot to him.

“Ah’m gonna take Logan back t’ Kurt’s now,” Marie announced, slipping an arm around Logan’s waist. “He needs t’ rest after receivin’ severe head trauma,” Marie’s voice rose at the end, glaring at Scott as she spoke. “So we’re gonna go. Ah’ll see ya all at the rehearsal dinner tonight.”

“I’ll drive you,” Kurt volunteered, heading towards the pair.

Marie was worried about Logan’s silence on the five minute drive from Scott to Kurt’s. She could see the pain written on every line of his face every time that she glanced over her shoulder to where he sat in the back seat. He seemed lost in a daze, staring out the window without barely blinking an eye.

“Logan? Are ya okay, sugah?” Marie asked, staring worriedly at him.

Logan slowly turned his head towards her, a tiny smile playing on his lips. “I’m fine, darlin’. You know I got a thick head.”

“I know I didn’t say anything earlier, but I kinda got distracted by Scooter’s violent reaction to your good news,” Kurt said, a wide grin on his face. “So, let me get this straight, I’m gonna be an uncle? How long till I get to pass out cigars?”

Marie was instantly her normal bouncy self, her worry about Logan temporarily forgotten. “In about six months. Logan an’ his friend Ron are workin’ on an addition fer the baby’s room. Ah brought some pictures from the sonogram an’ the tape with us. They’re in mah bag, Ah think. Wait till ya see them! It’s just so amazin’! Ya can hear the baby’s heart beatin’! An’ it waves at us! ‘Course havin’ the jelly stuff on mah stomach kinda sucked, but it was worth it t’ see the baby!”

When they pulled up at Kurt’s house, Marie was still going strong. She was talking a million miles an hour, trying to get out all the available information as soon as possible.

“Marie.... Marie, calm down!” Kurt shouted, placing his hands on her shoulders. “You have three days to tell me everything you need to. So just breathe and go help your fiancée. He looks a little wobbly.”

“Logan!” Marie cried, rushing to where he stood leaning against Kurt’s car. She lightly cupped his face in her hands, running her thumbs along his cheek bones. “Ah’m so sorry, sugah! Are ya all right?” When she saw the pained expression in his eyes, Marie made a whimpering sound and pulled his head down to pressed a kiss against his forehead. “Aww, mah poor baby. Did Scooter hurt yer head.”

“No Scooter didn’t hurt my head,” Logan mumbled, scowling down at her. “I had a headache to begin with, your idiot brother just made it worse. No offense, Kurt.”

“None taken,” Kurt called over.

Marie led Logan towards the house, cooing and rubbing his o’ so compact tummy the entire way. Even though he kept waving her off, Marie knew that Logan secretly like it when she fussed over him. Oh he would act all manly and tough when there was someone else around, but as soon as they were alone he would curl up in her arms and let her baby him.

“I’m gonna head back to Scooter’s now. Help Dad beat him up and all that. I’ll come back here to get you for the rehearsal dinner,” Kurt announced, tying his dark hair back with an elastic band. “Just gonna grab my suit then I’ll be outta your hair. Just make yourselves at home.”

By the time Kurt was gone, Marie and Logan were in the guest bedroom. As soon as the front door shut, Logan dropped down onto the beat, clutching at his head. He was cursing under his breath as tears leaked down his cheeks. This scared the hell out of Marie who rushed to his side, dropping down onto the bed and pulling Logan’s head onto her lap.

“Logan? Sugah, what’s wrong?” Marie demanded in a shaky voice. Feeling Logan’s trembling was making her nervous and Marie didn’t know what to do. “Logan, yer scarin’ me. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Logan let out several deep breaths then slowly began to relax. His body stopped shaking and he was able to lie peacefully in Marie’s arms. “Sorry, darlin’. My head’s fuckin’ killing me.... Goddamned Scooter! I told you we shoulda stayed at home.”

“Ah’m sorry, sugah,” Marie murmured, rubbing his temple soothingly. “If Ah’d known Scooter was gonna do somethin’ so stupid, Ah wouldn’t have made ya come.... Is yer head okay? Did he break anythin’? Do Ah need t’ take ya t’ the hospital?”

“All I need are some powerful drugs and sleep,” Logan mumbled, lifting his hand to link his fingers with hers where the rested on his temple. “I’ll be good by tomorrow.”

“What about the rehearsal dinner?” Marie asked, already knowing full well what Logan’s response would be.

Logan glared at her out of one eye as he crawled up the bed. “Get me within one foot of your idiot brother and he won’t be making his wedding tomorrow.”

Knowing better than to argue, Marie headed into Kurt’s bathroom in search of painkillers. After a thorough search, Marie came up with a bottle of Advil and a bottle of Tylenol 3. Figuring that Logan just wanted to pass out and not feel a thing, Marie grabbed two Tylenol 3’s and a glass of water before heading back to the bedroom.

“Here ya go, baby, pretty soon ya won’t feel a thing,” Marie informed him as she set the pills and glass down on the table. Before giving him the pills, Marie removed his boots and pulled the quilt at the end of the bed up to cover him. “All right, big guy, Ah need ya t’ lift yerself up a bit so ya can swallow the pills.”

Wincing slightly, Logan lifted himself up onto his elbows and held his hand out to receive the pills. He popped them into his mouth then took the glass from Marie’s hand, downing half of it without even opening his eyes. Logan then promptly collapsed back onto the bed, curling himself up onto his side.

“Ah’m sorry ya got beat up by mah brother,” Marie murmured as she laid down next to him, smoothing her fingers through his hair.

Logan scowled, but didn’t open his eyes. “Your brother didn’t beat me up. He just has a hard floor. Now let me sleep,” Logan mumbled, wrapping an arm around Marie’s waist and pulling her closer.

Brushing her lips against his forehead, Marie once again began massaging his temple. A tiny grin appeared on Logan’s face and in a few minutes he was out cold. Tough as he liked to think he was, Marie was well aware of the knock out power of Tylenol 3. She had discovered it when she was 17 and needed to get her wisdom teeth out. True there were some excellent blackmail pictures in Kurt’s possession, but it had kept her from feeling the worst of the pain which was what Marie wanted at the time.

Once she was sure that Logan wasn’t going to be waking up for a while, Marie maneuvered herself out of Logan’s arms. She pressed a kiss to his palm then quietly tiptoed out of the room. Heading directly into the kitchen, Marie searched the drawers for a piece of paper and a pen so she could write Logan a note. Marie was going right back to Scott’s so she could give him a piece of her mind. Once the letter was written, Marie grabbed an add for a pizza place and headed back into the bedroom. She placed them on the nightstand and gave Logan one final kiss before leaving the room. Grabbing her purse and the keys to the rental car, Marie stormed out of the house, muttering death threats under her breath.

“Ah’m gonna fuckin’ kill ya, Scooter!” Marie shouted as she stormed into her eldest brother’s house three minutes and twenty seconds later.

Scott was out of his seat in a matter of seconds, holding his hands out in front of him. “Look, Marie, I’m really sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight when I did that. There’s no need to overreact.”

“No need t’ overreact?” Marie cried, her eyes wide. “Scooter, right now mah fiancée is back at Kurt’s, doped t’ the gills. An’ do ya know why mah baby’s daddy just downed a pair o’ Tylenol 3’s? Why that would be because some idiot smashed his head inta the ground repeatedly!”

“Now, Marie--”

“No!” Marie hissed, pointing a finger at him. “Ya don’t get t’ talk now, Scooter. This is the time where Ah get t’ yell at ya fer hurtin’ Logan. So just zip yer lips an’ listen t’ what Ah hafta say!”

Properly subdued by this point, Scott sat back down on the couch, his head bowed.

“Now, as Ah was sayin’, ya fuckin’ idiot, what the hell were ya thinkin’ when ya did that? Did it even cross yer pea brain that Ah was happy ‘bout bein’ pregnant? That Logan an’ Ah were thrilled ‘bout the baby? An’ what, mah Ah ask, gave ya the right t’ attack Logan like that? Was there any thought passin’ through yer brain at that point? Now Ah get that ya want t’ protect me-- ya’ve been don’ that fer as long as Ah can remember --but enough is enough! Ah’m twenty years old now! Ah think that qualifies me as bein’ old enough t’ make mah own decision. Don’t ya think? An’ Ah love Logan. So very much. An’ the two o’ us are plannin’ on spendin’ the rest o’ our lives together. Now ‘fore ya start sayin’ that Logan’s only stayin’ ‘cause o’ the baby, Ah’d like t’ inform ya that yer wrong. Logan an’ Ah love each other. With or without the baby. So ya might as well get used t’ it ‘cause Logan an’ Ah are gonna be spendin’ the rest o’ our lives together!”

Absolute silence reigned supreme once Marie was finished her ranting. No one dared to say anything, especially Scott.

“Now,” Marie began suddenly, “we have a rehearsal dinner t’ get ready fer so Ah’m commandeerin’ the bathroom t’ get ready. Anyone who wants t’ fight me on it is more than welcome t’.”

The rest of the weekend was equally tense. Logan and Scott had to be kept as far away from each other as possible or else risk a confrontation. The fact that Logan’s headache had lasted the entire three days of their stay hadn’t helped his mood much. The reception dinner had been the toughest challenge. The two had spent the meal less than ten feet apart, the closest they’d been since Scott had manually attempted to insert Logan’s skull into the wood panel floor.

“There’s no possible way I can accidentally impale him on my fork, is there?” Logan mumbled to Marie as he poked idly at his salad.

Wrapping her arm around his shoulder, Marie pulled his head down for a kiss. “Don’t worry, sugah, it’ll all be over soon. They’ll be gone in about three hours. Then the two o’ us can dance the night away without a care in the world.”

“Three hours,” Logan repeated, turning his face towards her.

Marie nodded her head in confirmation. “Three hours. Their flight leaves at nine-thirty. It’s five o’clock now an’ they hafta be there an hour early t’ load their luggage. That means they hafta be outta here by eight. Three hours. Now be good an’ eat yer dinner.”

“I still reserve the right to beat his ass if he ever comes up to visit us,” Logan mumbled under his breath as he stabbed a piece of steak with his fork.

“Hell, Ah’ll give ya permission t’ beat his ass if Logan comes up t’ visit us,” Marie told him, patting his arm. “Not that Ah think he has the guts t’ visit us. Scooter’s a wimp at heart an’ those death glares ya’ve been shootin’ him all day prob’bly have him pissin’ his pants.”

When Scott and Jean left a few hours later, Marie could have sworn that Logan was all set to do a happy dance. He was grinning ear to ear and raised his glass in a silent toast. Marie’s elbow in the ribs didn’t deter him in the least. In fact, he pulled her out onto the dance floor for the next slow song, holding her tight against him as they swayed to the music.

How do I live without you? I’d like to know.
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go.
How would I ever, ever survive?
How would I, oh how would I breathe?

“I didn’t know you were so graceful,” Marie murmured as she and Logan twirled around the dance floor, locked in each other’s arms.

Logan chuckled quietly. “Neither did I. I can’t remember ever dancing before.”

“Hmm, I wonder what else there is you can’t remember?” Marie mused to herself.

Logan shrugged his shoulders and twirled them around quickly. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.”

Song Credit: How Do I Live? by Trisha Yearwood