Chapter 9: Comfort Zone

She had done it.

Really done it.

And not just any it.

The BIG it.

Marie had had sex. And not just with anyone, but with a man she’d known all of one day. Oddly enough, everything about what she and Logan had done seemed perfectly all right. Marie felt for Logan what she’d never felt for anyone else before. Not her old boyfriends Remy and Bobby or the brief fling she’d had at summer camp with John. These feelings that she had for Logan were completely new.

It had been two hours since Scott and Kurt had left and Marie and Logan were once again ensconced in the many layers of sheets on her bed.

After their original round of love making which had left Marie with non-virginal status, she and Logan had made their way into the bathroom for a nice relaxing bath. That, of course, had led to more sex. Sex with Logan was something that Marie knew she wouldn’t be able to get enough of. He filled her in ways that she had never though possible, stretching her exquisitely.

Logan had barely been able to keep his eyes open by the time it was over. Half asleep, with soaked hair, half-lided eyes and a faint shadow of a beard, Logan had looked truly beautiful. Marie had been half tempted to let him fall asleep right there in the tub, but knew that was a bad idea. Not only would the water cool off, but Logan would get uncomfortable before long.

So, amidst much sleepy protests from Logan, Marie convinced him that he would be better off in bed. She had given into one of Logan’s demands, though. The one where he insisted that they go to bed completely naked. Seeing as how their clothes were still at the couch, it would save them a trip anyway.

They were just about to start up the stairs to her bedroom when the phone in the kitchen rang. Leaving Logan sitting on the steps, Marie rushed to get it before whoever was calling hung up. There were very few people who had her number so it would be important if they called.

“Ah’m here! Ah’m here! Don’t hang up!” Marie called as she picked up the phone.

“No worries, my dear. I’m still here,” Martha assured her. “I was just calling to make sure nothing had happened to you. You didn’t show up this morning.”

A broad smile appeared on Marie’s face. “Ah was plannin’ on it, but Ah have company an’ Ah wasn’t able t’ get away.”

Martha started to laugh. “Well I think you forgot to tell Boris because he showed up here right on schedule.”

“He didn’t? The little sneak. Ah thought he was bein’ too quiet outside,” Marie mused, realizing for the first time that Boris hadn’t been back to demand that she let him out. “Just leave him be, he’ll find his way home when he’s good an’ ready. Ya’ll give him some breakfast, though, won’t ya?”

“‘Course Ah will, my dear. He’s a regular customer and is the only one who’ll eat my George’s cooking,” Martha told her. “Just thought I’d let you know we had him, in case he got worried.”

“Thanks, Martha. Ah appreciate it. Hopefully Ah’ll see ya tomorrow,” Marie said before hanging up the phone. She headed back towards the stairs, a wide grin still planted firmly on her face.

Logan was staring at her, his head cocked to the side. “Your dog went out for breakfast?”

“Well, the two o’ us normally go fer a jog in the mornin’,” Marie explained as she slipped an arm around his waist and heaved him to his feet. “We head inta town an’ have breakfast at Martha’s Diner. Been doin’ it every day fer ‘bout three months. Guess Ah shoulda figured Boris would go whether Ah was there or not.”

It took them about three minutes to get up the stairs. Normally it would only take Marie about three seconds, but with Logan only able to really put pressure on his left foot it made the trip much more difficult. By the time they got to the top of the stairs, Logan was well and truly exhausted.

“An’ here Ah was thinkin’ ya had all sorts o’ stamina,” Marie teased as she pulled the blankets up around Logan’s waist.

Logan gave her a lop-sided grin, his eyes following as she walked around to the other side of the bed. “Well usually I’m not loaded up on pain pills. Those things could knock an elephant out.”

Marie grinned and slipped under the covers, drawing them up to her shoulders. While the idea of being naked with Logan was appealing, Marie was still naturally cold and snuggled up against him in order to gain some of Logan’s overabundant warmth. When she was situated, Logan turned his head towards hers, a tired smile on his face. Sneaking a hand out of the covers, Marie lightly stroked the side of Logan’s cheek. She pressed a quick kiss to his lips before snaking her hand back into the covers to grasp his hand.

“Are ya sure ya don’t have some type o’ internal furnace?” Marie murmured, snuggling still closer to Logan.

Logan arched an eyebrow. “What on earth are you talking about? Why would I have an internal furnace?”

“‘Cause yer so warm,” Marie said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. Which, in fact, it was.

“Well I don’t have a furnace. At least not that I know of,” Logan mumbled, his eyes sliding shut.

Knowing that Logan needed to rest, Marie remained silent after that. She didn’t make on peep, instead contenting herself with rubbing her hand along his stomach. Logan appeared to enjoy what she was doing because a grin appeared on his face. That smile remained even after Logan had drifted off into a deep sleep. Logan’s features were softened in sleep, adding to the apparent innocence he possessed. For someone who had been through so much in such a short amount of time, there was still so much that Logan didn’t know. Didn’t understand.

Most of what Logan knew, came from trial and error. On his own, he had no teacher and was forced to make it all up as he went. So far, he seemed to be doing rather well. He had figured out a way to provide for himself, something that even some people who went to university weren’t able to do. Logan had made a life for himself without even really knowing where to start. And while it may not have been the safest choice, he’d still done very well.

Once she was sure that Logan was well and truly asleep, Marie slowly slid her hand up his chest to once again cup his cheek. The stubble pricked her skin, but Marie didn’t much care. She lightly stroked his cheekbone with her thumb, grinning as Logan turned his face into her touch. In the six months that he could remember, Logan had known any tender caresses. He’d told her so himself. And while it was true that many men would like about such a thing, there was an honesty about Logan. Marie knew that he was telling the truth.

When she felt as though she was about to drift off to sleep, Marie brought her hand back down to his waist so as not to accidentally injure him while she slept. Marie simply wanted to rest so that she would be ready to contend with Scott for the inevitable Round 2. She may have gotten the last word in, but Marie knew that her brother would never let her get away with it. At least that was what dear old Scooter thought would happen. Her brother seemed unable to grasp the concept that she was a grown woman and able to make decisions for herself.

Marie would definitely relish proving Scott wrong when he and Kurt returned. Because, despite what Scott wanted to believe, the only person that would be sharing her bed was Logan. There was no way in hell that Marie was letting her brothers sleep in the same bed when she could be sharing it with Logan. Not that there was much of a choice. Either it was her brothers who shared her bed or a gorgeous man that she could have sex with. Even an idiot could make that decision.

Marie was almost entirely asleep when Logan’s frightened moan reached her lips. Waking up entirely, Marie rose up on one elbow, peering down at Logan’s face. The finer muscle groups in his face were twitching and Marie knew that pretty soon it would be a fully blown nightmare.

“Easy there, Logan,” Marie murmured, brushing a kiss against his temple. “Ah’m right here. Yer completely safe. Nothin’ bad can happen t’ ya here.”

To Marie’s complete and utter surprise, Logan began to relax instantly. The tension seemed to bleed from his body. As Marie watched, Logan relaxed once again, the smile reappearing on his face.

“Ya know, if this is what Ah hafta do fer ya t’ sleep all right, then Ah guess we’re just gonna hafta sleep t’gether from now on,” Marie informed Logan’s sleeping form. “So now that we’ve figured that out, ya just get some rest an’ Ah’ll take a quick nap while we wait fer mah brothers t’ show up again.”

Getting no response from Logan other than a quiet snore, Marie settled back into the pillows. Marie’s entire bed was a landscape of pillows and thick comforters making it the most comfortable place in the house. Well besides her over-stuffed computer chair.

Computer chair!

Cursing under her breath, Marie bolted from the bed and rushed down the stairs. She made a brief stop at the couch to pull her clothes back on before rushing over to her computer which housed the files for her latest novel. The one that was due in a few days to write five chapters for. Booting up the computer, Marie got herself comfortable in the huge leather chair she’d brought with her from Mississippi.

“Shit, Stevie is gonna kill me if Ah don’t get these chapters in,” Marie mumbled to herself as she opened the chapter she was working on.

.... David was entranced by the vision he saw before him. A walking, talking vision in pale blue satin. He had seen her before many times, but this night was different. There was a mystery about her tonight and David wondered where this mystery had come from. One thing was for certain, he was going to solve this mystery before the night was over....

Arching and cracking her neck, Marie wiggled her fingers before pulling the keyboard onto her lap. She dove right in then. Not thinking, only writing what the characters dictated. Stevie told her that she was nuts not planning out her stories, but it had worked thus far and Marie wasn’t gonna chance the way she wrote any time soon.

“All right, David, time fer ya t’ start tryin’ t’ figure out Abigail’s mystery,” Marie said to herself as she began typing furiously.

It wasn’t long before Marie lost herself completely in the world she had created for her characters. Love at first sight. Complicated pasts. Disapproving families. It was a world that Marie had only thought existed in stories. At least until she had met Logan. Now the world that she had always written about existed in her real life.

“All right, David, now yer gonna follow the darlin’ Abigail inta the dark an’ creepy garden,” Marie said to the computer as she shifted positions in her seat. “Hope ya don’t mind gettin’ hit over the head....”

“We’re baaaaacck!” Kurt sing songed as he danced into the cabin. “Did ya miss us?”

Marie couldn’t help but grin at her brother’s ever-abundant amount of energy. Even though he looked like a freak doing so, no one could get Kurt to stop dancing.

“Did ya get Scooter calmed down?” Marie asked as she turned her attention back to the computer. “Oh, an’ ya’ll hafta be quiet. Logan’s sleepin’ an’ Ah don’t want ya wakin’ him up. The doctor said he needs t’ rest as much as possible.”

Marie was just getting back into the groove of things when she felt a heavy head drop onto her lap. “Ya know, Boris, we’re gonna hafta have a little talk about yer adventure this mornin’. An’ don’t think that grinnin’ at me like that is gonna get ya outta trouble ‘cause its not gonna work, mister.”

Boris whined in the back of his throat and nudged her arm with his nose.

“It’s not gonna work, Boris. So quit yer whinin’ an’ go sulk with Scooter,” Marie told the dog, grinning when she heard her brother’s offended cry. “Oh please, Scooter, ya know yer sulkin’. Ya always sulk when ya don’t get yer own way an’ yer not gonna this time. Logan’s sleepin’ in mah bed whether ya like it or not.”

“Well, for your information, I don’t like it,” Scott told her, making a great huff about it.

Marie shrugged her shoulders, her eyes never leaving the computer screen before her. “It doesn’t matter whether ya like it or not, the fact remains that Logan’s livin’ here. He’s stayin’ in mah bed an’ Ah plan on fuckin’ him whenever Ah damn well please. So either invest in earplugs or find another place t’ stay.”

Both of the brothers groaned at that and Marie couldn’t help but laugh. It was only fair that she get a little payback after all the times her brothers had headed upstairs to their old bedrooms back home with girlfriends in tow. It was never any secret what they were doing. Even their father had known what his two eldest were up to.

Now it was time for Marie to turn the tables.

“Do you think you could not tell us about your sex life,” Kurt pleaded, a distinctable whine in his voice. “Your my baby sister and I like the idea of you being a virgin. Hopefully you’ll stay that way till your thirty.”

Flushing slightly, Marie dipped her head down. She didn’t say anything, but Kurt obviously caught the motion.

“Oh no! Marie! Please tell me that you’re still a virgin!” Kurt cried out, spinning her chair around and kneeling in front of her.

Marie let out a frightened gasp, unprepared for the movement. “Well, Ah hate t’ break it t’ ya, but that chastity belt ya got fer me is faulty. So ya’ll just hafta learn t’ live with it. ‘Sides, Ah know fer a fact that yer the one who deflowered Kitty. Seems kinda hypocritical that ya can fuck mah friends but Ah’m not allowed t’ do anything. Now, if ya’ll excuse me, Ah’ve got some work t’ do. There’s food in the fridge if yer hungry. And, Scooter, if ya go up those stairs, Ah’ll call Jeanie and tell her what a prick yer bein’!”

Out of the corner of her eye, Marie saw her brother pause at the bottom of the steps.

“That’s a good Scooter. Ah’d hate t’ be you if Jeanie finds out ‘bout what ya did t’ poor injured Logan.”

Marie felt as though she was back home. Her brothers were lounging on the couch, arguing about what to watch. Scott wanted a sporting show while Kurt was after a movie. It was comical, really. Because of Marie’s warning, the two of them were fighting in hushed tones. That only made their insults all the more amusing.

Tuning them out completely, Marie went back to her work. She wanted to get as much done as possible that day so that she could spend more time with Logan later. Logan was the most interesting person she’d ever met. He was a great confusion to her and to himself. There was so much that Logan didn’t know about himself. It was like being a six month on child, only he was a six month old man.

“.... Do you have any taste at all?”

“You mean like you? At least what I want to watch is interesting.”

“Interesting, my ass.”

“Please, the only one who likes your ass is your girlfriend. Everyone else knows you have a bony girl’s ass.”

“Remind me again how old you are?”

“More than old enough to rent those pornos you used to hide under your bed back home.”

“Ah’m old enough to rent those ones too!” Marie called. “An’ if ya feel like watchin’ any, ya’ll hafta go somewhere else ‘cause Ah’m not watchin’ pornos with mah brothers. That’s just plain wrong.”

Even though she wasn’t looking, Marie knew that Scott and Kurt’s faces were bright red. But, she had accomplished her goal.

Her brothers had both shut up for the time being.