Chapter 8: Family Comes A Knockin'

Even though he couldn’t remember having any family of his own, Logan was well aware of the phenomenon called “older brothers.” Until this moment, though, he’d never had to deal with them. Sure, he knew that Marie had older brothers, but they lived in Mississippi which was thousands of miles away. Their appearance threw him for a loop.

Even more so when one of them lunged at him.

Before Logan had a chance to react, he found himself sprawled on the on the stairs, agony shooting through his entire body. A pained scream echoed from his lips, growing in intensity as the other man straddled her waist and began punching him in the face.

“LOGAN!” he vaguely heard Marie scream. “Scott, get off o’ him! Scott! Yer hurtin’ him! Scott! Kurt, will ya stop him!”

Suddenly, he felt Scott being hauled off of him. Now able to move freely, Logan slid down the stairs, curling around himself in order to help relieve the pain. Almost instantly, he felt Marie’s arms come around him and went willingly into her embrace. Logan bit savagely into his bottom lip to keep from crying out and pressed his face against Marie’s thigh.

“Kurt, will ya get the bottle o’ pain killers on the counter, please?” Marie called to her other brother. Marie then leaned over top of Logan, her fingers moving soothingly through his hair. “It’s all right, sugah. Just relax. Ah’ll have ya doped t’ the gills in no time. Ya won’t feel a thing.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on Logan’s face, but it was gone in an instant as a flash of agony tore through his body.

“What the hell were ya thinkin’, Scott?” Marie demanded, her voice thick with anger. “Didn’t ya see the huge brace on his ribs? Yer engaged t’ a doctor, Scott! Ya should know better than that!”

“I was thinking that my little sister is in her underwear kissing some strange man,” Scott hissed. “What the hell was I supposed to do? Stand there and let it happen?”

“Ah don’t know? Maybe let it happen?” Marie suggested, her fingers never straying from Logan’s hair. “Ah’m twenty years old. Ah think Ah know who t’ make mah own decisions.”

“No you don’t, Marie. You may like to think that you do, but you don’t.”

Logan was getting pretty pissed off with Marie’s brother. Not only was he an over-protective jerk, but he was the reason Logan felt like he had a whole collection of knives embedded in his chest. Logan kept a firm grip on Marie’s thigh, clenching and unclenching his fingers as the pain fluctuated.

“Here’s the pills, Marie,” the other brother said. “Do you need anything else?”

“No, Ah got it, Kurt. Thanks,” Marie murmured, her hands moving to turn Logan onto his side. “Come on, Logan, we’ve been through this before.”

“Yeah, and I didn’t like it then either,” Logan grumbled, reluctantly rolling onto his back.

Squeezing his eyes shut tight, Logan did his best to ignore the pain that was flooding through his entire body. He could tell right away that Marie wasn’t buying it because the way her hands were moving lightly over his arms. She held him carefully, positioning herself behind him so that he could lean against her. Logan relaxed against her willingly, hoping to find a position that wouldn’t hurt. It wasn’t likely to happen, but he could still hope.

“All right, Logan, here’s yer painkillers,” Marie said, reaching for the bottle of pills that rested beside her on the stairs. She removed two pills from the bottle and popped them into his mouth then reached for the glass of water so that he could drink them down. “There ya go, sugah. Half an hour an’ ya’ll be nice an’ woozy.”

Logan couldn’t help but smirk at that. He would have said something, but didn’t completely trust himself to say anything without his voice coming out in a pained gasp. He wasn’t gonna seem like some weakling in front of Marie’s brothers. Especially not that prick Scott.

“Kurt, can ya help me get Logan over t’ the couch?” Marie asked her older brother as she set the glass back down on the steps.

“Sure thing, small fry,” Kurt said with a grin. He shook his head to get the shaggy brown hair out of his laughing eyes then leaned over and wrapped an arm around Logan’s waist. “Nice to meet you, Logan.”

“Same here,” Logan gasped, squelching his desire to cry out.

With Marie and Kurt’s help, Logan was able to hobble the short distance to the couch. He slumped down willingly, carefully arranging himself against the pile of cushions at one end. Logan waited until he had found a slightly comfortable position before exhaling. He smiled weakly at Marie before allowing his eyes to slide shut.

“I don’t like this, Marie,” Scott informed her angrily.

“Yeah, well ya don’t get a say in it, Scooter. This is mah home which means Ah say what happens,” Marie informed him. “Not ya. Ya have no say whatsoever, Scooter. So shut the hell up an’ live with it.”

Logan couldn’t contain a grin at Marie’s words.

“Now Ah think ya should apologize,” Marie suggested, her voice coming from somewhere across the room. “Ya attacked Logan fer no reason whatsoever an’ prob’ly messed up his ribs even more.”

“There’s no way I’m apologizing to that asshole, Marie! He’s taking advantage of you!” Scott shouted angrily.

“No one is takin’ advantage o’ me!” Marie insisted. “Logan’s here ‘cause Ah want him t’ be here. He’s hurt an’ Ah’m takin’ care o’ him. At least Ah was until some idiot decided it was a good idea t’ barge in an’ beat the shit outta him! Ah wonder who that could be?”

“I’m your brother, Marie. It’s my job to look out for you. I’m not about to let some mountain bum take advantage of you,” Scott insisted, in full big brother mode.

“Look, bub, do you think you could stop talking about me like I’m not here?” Logan demanded, opening his eyes to glare at the other man.

Scott stepped closer to him, his arms crossed over his chest. “You want to talk to me? Fine. I think you’re taking advantage of my little sister. You’re using her good nature against her and I’m not going to let you do that. So you get all your stuff together and get the hell out of here!”

“No fuckin’ way ya get t’ say that!” Marie cried as she reentered the livingroom, wet cloth in hand. She bypassed her brother and went straight to Logan, sitting down next to him on the couch. Her face softened considerably when she reached out to dab at his face with the wet cloth even though her tone did not. “This is mah home, Scooter, which means Ah say who gets t’ stay here an’ who doesn’t. An’, right now, Ah’m thinkin’ the person Ah don’t want here is ya. So either apologize t’ Logan or get the fuck outta mah home!”

Scott stared at Marie in shock. “You’ve gotta be kidding me, Marie! I’m your brother.”

Marie shrugged her shoulders, lightly dabbing at his bottom lip that Logan could tell was split. “Yer point bein’? Look, Scott, Ah know ya think yer lookin’ out fer me, but Ah can take care o’ mahself. As fer Logan, Ah asked him t’ stay here. He was in an accident on his bike yesterday an’ needs some help right now. He lives by himself an’ can’t really get around so he needs some help. That’s why he’s livin’ here.”

“Then let him hire an in-home nurse. Really, Marie, there’s--”

Kurt chose that moment to interrupt by cupping a hand over Scott’s mouth in order to shut him up. Something which Logan was incredibly grateful for. The guy was giving him a headache, plus he could tell that arguing with her brother was hurting Marie.

“As the only one here not involved in this argument, I’m gonna act as peacekeeper,” Kurt announced, not removing his hand from his brother’s mouth. “Now, Scott, you are going to apologize to Logan for attacking him. Now I know that you’re aware that you had no reason to attack him and you’re going to tell him as much. You are also going to apologize for hurting him and possibly screwing up his ribs. Understood?”

Scott merely glared at his brother, not making any indication that he was going to follow orders.

“Now, Scott, Marie and I both know that you’re not this pigheaded. You’re normally a very laid-back guy, so how about you show Logan that,” Kurt suggested, his voice brooking no argument. “Because, if you don’t, I may be forced to tell Jean about this. Being a doctor, I don’t think she’ll be too happy with you for attacking a guy with broken ribs.”

Scott looked none too pleased with his present situation, but nodded his head, nonetheless. He glared at Kurt out of the corner of his eye, waiting for the hand to come away from his mouth. As soon as his brother removed his hand, Scott grudgingly turned to Logan. “Look, I’m sorry I attacked you like that, Logan. I wasn’t thinking straight.... But I still don’t think that you should be here.”

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get any better, Logan nodded his head. “No harm, no foul. Just don’t let it happen again or I’ll be forced to beat the shit outta ya.”

Marie rolled her eyes and leaned over to brush a kiss against Logan’s forehead. “Yer awful, Logan. Real awful.”

“And now that we have some relative peace, how about you go put some more clothes on, Marie?” Kurt suggested, finally stepping away from his brother. “Now I know that Logan probably has no problem seeing you like this-- confirm this and my hair will go as while as your streaks --but Scott and I are your brothers and we’d rather not see you like this.”

Logan couldn’t help but grin at the dark red flush that overtook Marie’s cheeks. She looked down at herself rather quickly then focused on Logan’s face. His grin didn’t help her composure. Marie’s face just got even redder and she bolted for the stairs, up to her bedroom where she could put on some of the clothes that she had taken off during the night.

Taking the cloth from where Marie had dropped it on his lap, Logan carefully raised it to his cheek where he could feel some blood oozing down. “You’ve got a nice right hook there, Scooter. For someone who’s left handed, I should say. You might wanna work on that. Next time it might actually hurt.”

“Logan, no antagonizing mah brother!” Marie called from the upper level. “Ah’m the only one allowed t’ do that!”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Aw, come on, Marie! It’s so easy! You can’t expect me to not say anything!”

“Sorry, Logan, but Ah’m not givin’ up mah job. Ya’ll just hafta find some way else t’ amuse yerself.”

Kurt was obviously amused by that from the way he was grinning. Scott wasn’t. Marie’s brother had a dark expression on his face as he glared at Logan. If he was trying to be intimidating, he was falling short. Logan was more amused by the smaller man’s posturing than anything else. That seemed to piss Scott even more.

Of course it probably didn’t help when Logan kept making quick faces at the other man.

“Hey, Marie, are you sure your new boyfriend is not just a 6 year old trapped in a man’s body?” Kurt called up to the second level.

Logan definitely liked Marie’s other brother. Kurt seemed like an interesting guy, nothing like his clean-cut counterpart. Scott was a pretty boy if Logan had ever seen one while Kurt seemed much more laid-back. He and Marie shared the same dark eye colour, though Marie’s eyes were much larger and more open.

“Logan’s a full grown man, Ah can assure ya!” Marie called as she bounced back down the stairs to the main level.

“I so didn’t need to hear that, Marie,” Kurt moaned, covering his ears dramatically.

“Well Ah could tell ya so much worse,” Marie teased as she crossed the living room to sit back down next to Logan. She took the cloth from him and turned her attention to some injury below his left eye. “Now look, boys, Ah’m real glad that yer both here. Ah’ve missed ya since Ah moved up here. An’ as much as Ah would love t’ let ya stay here, it’s just not gonna happen. There’s no room fer ya. So the two o’ ya will just hafta head back inta town an’ find a room there.

“Not happening,” Scott informed his sister, speaking for the first time in a while. “Kurt and I are staying right here.”

“But, Scott....”

“I hate to break it to you, small fry, but there aren’t any available rooms in town or else we would,” Kurt told Marie with a sympathetic smile.

“Well where am Ah s’pose t’ keep ya?” Marie demanded, tearing her eyes away from Logan to look over at her brothers.

“You have a big bed, right? Well Kurt and I will just have to sleep in there with you,” Scott announced like it was the most logical thing in the world.

Logan couldn’t contain a smirk at this point. “Hate to break it to ya, but I’m already sleeping in there. So you’ll just have to find somewhere else.”

Marie made a whimpering noise and lowered her head down onto his shoulder. “Did ya really hafta tell them that so bluntly, Logan? Scooter’s never gonna leave now.”

“MARIE ANGELIQUE FRASER!” Scott roared “Please tell me that I heard wrong! That he’s not sleeping with you!”

“Ah told ya,” Marie mumbled to Logan before sitting up to face her brother. “Yes, Scott, Logan’s sleepin’ in the same bed as me. But that’s it. We’re not doin’ anything. Not that it’s any o’ yer business. Ah’m a grown woman so Ah could sleep with Logan if Ah wanted. Hell, Ah could make mad passionate love t’ Logan all night long an’ there’s nothin’ ya could do ‘bout it! Ah could cover every inch o’ his body in chocolate syrup then lick it all off an’ ya couldn’t say boo about it! That’s what pisses ya off, Scooter! So shut yer trap an’ stop actin’ like an over-protective ninny!”

The image that Marie presented was a very intriguing one. One that Logan wouldn’t mind acting out as soon as he was more mobile. The very thought of Marie licking chocolate from his body-- and doing the very same to her --created a slight discomfort in his boxers. Marie’s body blocked it from her brother’s sight. Which was a good thing because Logan didn’t even want to think about what Scott would do to him if he saw it.

He didn’t need to worry, however, because Scott went storming out of the cabin after Marie’s outburst. With an apologetic smile, Kurt followed him out, assuring Marie that he’d make sure Scott calmed down before they came back.

“They’ll be back in about four hours,” Marie said as soon as she heard the car pull out of the driveway. She placed her hand on his thigh and began rubbing back and forth, coming incredibly close to the source of his problem.

“Careful, Marie, or else you’ll have a problem on your hands,” Logan informed her, taking several deep breaths to calm herself.

Marie glanced down at his lap, a sly grin appearing on her lips. “Liked the idea o’ the chocolate syrup, did ya? ‘Cause, Ah must tell ya, Ah’m kinda likin’ it mahself. Ya know what else Ah like? The idea o’ not bein’ a virgin anymore. However, since Ah don’t have any chocolate syrup here, we’ll just hafta make do without.”

Logan was shocked speechless as he watched Marie stand and remove her sweatshirt. The pants were next to go, leaving Marie clad only in her bra and panties once again. Smiling seductively, Marie lifted one leg over his hips, resting it on the couch so that she could straddle Logan’s waist.

“Marie, what’s happening?” Logan whispered, staring into Marie’s dark brown eyes.

Moaning, Marie pressed her hips down against Logan’s. “The way Ah see it, we should just follow our instincts like we did yesterday. They haven’t led us wrong so far and I don’t see them doing so anytime soon. We should just trust them.”

“My instincts are pretty much the only thing I do trust besides you,” Logan told her, arching against her.

Being careful of his damaged ribs, Marie leaned forward and captured Logan’s face in her hands. Grinning as well, Logan willingly parted his lips under hers. Desperate to hold onto her, Logan reached out and grabbed hold of her waist, arching his hips into hers. Ever so slowly, Logan trailed a finger towards the apex of her legs, pressing against the wetness in her panties. Marie arched her back, tearing her mouth away from his to let out a contented moan.

“Logan, please....” Marie moaned, her dark eyes focused on his face.

With some careful nudging, Logan pushed the crotch of her panties aside, slipping his fingers into her wetness. Marie made a trilling sound that sounded like magic in Logan’s ears. A wide grin on his face, Logan traced the contours of her soaked opening. The scent of her arousal reached his nose and Logan felt himself grow painfully hard. Marie’s fingers danced lightly across the brace that covered his ribs and trailed down to the waistband of his sweatpants. Raising herself up on her knees, Marie grabbed hold of both his sweatpants and his boxers and pulled them down over his hips. Sliding backwards along the couch, Marie continued to pull them down until she reached his ankles. Being careful of his fractured ankle, Marie removed the two articles of clothing before rising to her feet so that she was standing on the couch.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Logan murmured, wishing that he had more range of motion so that he could properly worship her body.

Biting nervously at her bottom lip, Marie slowly removed the black sports bra that she had worn to bed. Even though he had seen her naked breasts before, Logan was still awestruck by her beauty. Emboldened by this, Marie removed her panties with a quick twist of her hips that made Logan laugh.

“Have fancies of being a stripper, do you?” Logan teased, reaching a hand out towards her.

“Yer an evil, evil man,” Marie murmured, slowly walking back towards Logan. “But yer sweet, just the same.”

“And you are the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen,” Logan said as Marie reached out and grabbed hold of his hand.

A bright smile on her face, Marie lowered herself down on top of Logan. She rubbed herself against his engorged penis, creating a tightness in the pit of his stomach. He held tight to Marie’s hips as she began to trail kisses along his collarbone. For a virgin, Marie was very adept at arousing him. There was something about her innocence that appealed to him. He felt like he was on an even keel with Marie seeing as how he knew even less about what they were doing.

“Marie!” Logan cried out as she reached down to wrap her delicate fingers around his erection.

His eyes rolled back in his head as she ran the head of his penis across her soaked slit. He let out a strangled moan and arched his hips, longing to sink into her heated depths. Logan couldn’t contain a gasp as Marie positioned him at her entrance and slowly began to lower herself onto his lap.

A pained expression crossed Marie’s features as he slid into her. She seemed to hesitate for a moment then sunk down the rest of the way, sheathing him completely. Both of them moaned at the sensation of completeness.

“You all right?” Logan asked, running his hands up and down her sides.

Marie nodded her head, her dark hair falling forward over her shoulders. The two streaks of bleached hair framed her face beautifully, making Marie look extremely exotic. She arched against him, raising herself up before slowly lowering herself back down. It wasn’t long before Logan became lost in the sensation of Marie’s wet heat surrounding him so completely. He slowly began to move his hips in time with her, meeting her thrusts everytime she lowered herself down.

Logan was continually moaning Marie’s name, burrowing his face against her throat as she began to press kiss against his temple. Her arms were around his neck, holding their upper bodies against each other even as she was careful not to put too much pressure on his damage ribs.

Suddenly, Logan felt Marie’s inner muscles tightening fluttering over his member. Her breath became more ragged and Logan could tell that she was about ready to come at any moment. Some lost memory told him to apply pressure to the tiny bud shielded by her lower lips. He did so, causing her to cry out. Her muscles clamped down tightly sending Logan spiraling over the edge as well. They both screamed, their voices were lost in each other’s mouths.

Logan could feel Marie sagging against him and wrapped his around her, uncaring of the pain it would cause. The painkillers were starting to kick in and Logan wanted to feel Marie pressed against him so completely.

“That was amazin’,” Marie murmured against his throat, her lips brushing against his skin.

“Thank you,” Logan whispered into her hair as he relaxed against the pile of pillows and cushions.

Marie lifted her head up and gave Logan a sleepy smile. “An’ just what are ya thankin’ me fer?”

“I’m thanking you for giving me a good memory that no one will be able to take away,” Logan said softly, twining a strand of Marie’s hair around his finger.

Marie arched an eyebrow, leaning forward to brush her lips against his. “Yer talkin’ as if this is gonna be a one time experience.”