Chapter 5: Uninhibited

Contrary to popular belief, Marie was not an exhibitionist. She was just as unselfconscious as they came. Growing up with two brothers in a house with one tiny bathroom that the three of them needed to use to get ready for school in the morning, Marie was used to people seeing her naked. Though, of course, there was a difference between her brothers seeing her naked and Logan seeing her naked. The results of Logan seeing her naked could certainly prove to be better. At the very least, Marie highly doubted that he’d call her Toothpick Girl like her brother Kurt had. Though, at the moment, Logan was doing his very best to keep from getting a hard on.

It was cute. Marie could tell that Logan liked what he saw. The proof was in the smoldering look that burned in his intense hazel eyes. Logan had a lot of self control, Marie would give him that. Marie was having a hard time behaving herself at the sight of Logan’s totally naked body. While the sight of the bruises that covered his body might have turned most people off, to Marie they only added character. He looked like a hero coming home from a war.

“Gawd, Logan, ya have the self control o’ a monk,” Marie teased, turning around to shut off the faucet. “Are ya sure yer not... ya know...?”

Logan glared at Marie, his lips pursed. “I ain’t no fuckin’ queer!”

“Never said ya were,” Marie insisted, help him to his feet. “Ah just wanted t’ see if Ah could get a rise outta ya. So now that Ah have ya can calm down.”

Logan was still grumbling under his breath, but Marie knew that he wasn’t being serious. The slight curve at the corner of his lips and the softness in his eyes. Logan grunted as Marie help him into the tub. Because of his ankle, stepping over the high ledge of the bathtub was incredibly difficult. The two of them nearly went crashing into the water. Finding reserves of upper body strength that she wasn’t even aware she’d possessed, Marie was able to keep them both upright long enough to ease them into a seated position. Marie sat behind Logan, pulling him against her chest. Marie let him get situated, finding a position that brought him the least amount of pain before making a few quick adjustments that she hoped would keep her legs from falling asleep.

Once Marie was sure that Logan was comfortable, she cupped water in her hands, dumping it over his shoulders. Logan shuddered when she did that and was all but moaning when she began massaging the warm water into his shoulders.

“You are a real odd woman, Marie,” Logan announced, sinking his head down onto Marie’s shoulder. “I really don’t know quite what to make of you.”

Marie swatted him playfully on the shoulder. “An’ just what makes me so odd? It’s not like yer the model o’ normalty.”

“No making fun of the invalid. You’re supposed to be nice and caring,” Logan reminded her, running his hands along Marie’s legs which were resting on either side of hers.

Marie rolled her eyes, reaching around Logan to splash him. “Ah don’t remember the doctor tellin’ me that. All that he told me was t’ make sure ya keep still as much as possible an’ that Ah give ya yer pills. There was nothin’ ‘bout spoilin’ ya.”

“But I hurt,” Logan whined, shifting his hips.

It was all that Marie could do to contain a moan as Logan rubbed against parts of her that didn’t need any more stimulation. She bit into her bottom lip, resting her forehead against Logan’s shoulder.

“Will ya quit yer squirmin’,” Marie pleaded, trying desperately to keep her hips from moving in sync with Logan’s.

“There ain’t no way I’m gonna be the only one of us with a problem,” Logan informed her. “At least yours isn’t quite so obvious as mine.”

Glancing over Logan’s shoulder, Marie could see the tip of his erection peeking out of the water. “It’s about damn time Ah got a rise outta ya.”

“You’re awful, Marie,” Logan moaned, his hips thrusting slightly as Marie’s hands slipped down to his waist. “And not very funny.”

“Ah happen t’ be quite fond o’ mah sense o’ humour,” Marie insisted, her fingers dancing about his hips. “What’s wrong with mah sense o’ humour?”

“You mean besides the fact that it’s at my expense?”

Marie couldn’t have written a better setting herself. She was in an old fashioned bathtub with little clawed feet in the company of a man with an erection like none Marie had ever seen in any of the pornos that Scott kept hidden under his bed. Granted this was the only real one Marie had ever seen, but Logan was very well endowed as far as she was concerned.

“Ah’m sorry. Ah’ll behave,” Marie promised, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “Now just relax.... As much as yer able.”

“Marie,” Logan scolded, smacking her knee lightly.

Smirking, Marie leaned back against the air-filled cushion, pulling Logan back with her. The relaxed into the heated water, simply enjoying the languid atmosphere. Mindful of the huge bruise that covered Logan’s broken ribs, Marie lightly ran her hand up and down his chest. She decided right away that she loved the feel of the corded muscles that lay hidden beneath his skin. Despite all the damage being a fight did to his body, it did have its perks. Bruised, broken and cut up as he was, Logan was still sex personified.

“We don’t ever have to get outta here, do we?” Logan asked after they had both been silent for a few minutes.

Marie laughed quietly, her head falling back again the side of the tub. “The water’s eventually gonna get cold. Ya are aware o’ that, right?”

Logan chose that moment to allow his body to slide forward so that his head slid from her shoulder to her breasts. Marie lifted her head so that she could get a good look at his face. She couldn’t help but grin when she saw the contented look on Logan’s face. Logan looked so incredibly peaceful. The lines on his face had softened and he looked almost innocent. Like the little boy he couldn’t remember being. Marie wished that she could take a picture of Logan exactly how he was so that she could remember this moment perfectly.

Lifting her hand from the water, Marie raised it to comb through Logan’s thick hair. He moaned slightly at the touch, allowing his head to fall to the side. His nose rubbed across the side of her breast, dangerously close to the nipple. Marie knew that Logan was fully aware of what he was doing because of the grin that appeared on his face when he did touch the nipple. With a smirk on her face, Marie decided to fight fire with fire.

Ever so slowly, Marie began to trail a hand down his chest. She deftly avoided the damaged areas before finding his belly button. Logan jerked slightly as she began to circle his navel. Keeping up the motion, it wasn’t long before Logan’s hips began thrusting slightly, pushing his erection out of the water.

Seconds later, Logan’s head had shifted positions yet again. This time he was able to lap at her nipple, worrying it into a hard nub. They both refused to say anything, content, instead, to torture each other.

It was obvious to both of them, though, that Logan was the one at a disadvantage. Not only were his movements restrained because of his broken ribs, but with Marie behind him it made finding certain key points that much more difficult. Marie, on the other hand, had no problems reaching down and running her fingers along his shaft.

Still silent despite a few uncontrolled gasps, Logan willingly gave into Marie’s touch. His hips arched of their own accord, straining into her tiny hand. Marie’s other hand was still in his hair, stroking the dark locks as his lips were eventually able to latch onto a nipple. Marie could feel him smile around the nubbin in his mouth when she moaned loudly.

Neither said a word as they pleasured each other. At some point while Marie hadn’t been paying attention, Logan had managed to sneak a hand between them and was lightly fingering her slit. Now Marie was arching her hips in time with Logan, attempting to guide his fingers towards her clit. Marie wasn’t completely sure what was making her so uninhibited. In all her life, Marie had never done anything like this. At twenty, Marie Fraser was still a virgin.

How much longer that would be the case was suddenly in question.

Marie bit into her bottom lip, trying to keep herself from crying out as the pressure between her legs grew all the more intense. It was so wonderfully tight that Marie thought she was going to explode at any moment. Logan seemed to be having a similar problem because he was moaning almost non-stop, his hips shifting jerkily as he strained and arched into her touch.

Sudden, Marie felt her entire body go limp. Something inside of her snapped and she swore that she saw stars flashing in front of her eyes. She was vaguely aware of Logan shuddering, his body collapsing against hers. He was panting heavily and tilted his head up to place a kiss against the bottom of her jaw. Pressing her lips against his shoulder, Marie began rubbing her hand across his stomach, waiting for her heart rate to slow back to normal.

“How did that happen?” Logan gasped, nuzzling his face against the side of her throat.

Marie shrugged her shoulders, letting out a deep sigh. “Ah wish Ah could tell ya. Ah’ve never done anythin’ like this before an’ Ah honestly can’t figure out why Ah did it.”

“‘Cause you find me unresistable?” Logan teased, grinning against her throat.

“Someone’s a little full o’ themself,” Marie giggled, biting his shoulder lightly. She then sat up a little straighter, patting Logan’s stomach. “Come on, we need t’ get outta the tub. The water’s startin’ t’ cool off.”

Logan sank deeper into the water, shaking his head. “But I’m happy here. I don’t wanna get out.”

Marie rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well, tough luck. We’re gettin’ out.”

“And what if I refuse?”

“If ya refuse, yer still screwed ‘cause we’re gettin’ outta here no matter what ya say,” Marie informed him, the grin never leaving her face.

Amidst much moaning and groaning, Marie slid out from behind Logan and out of the tub. After quickly wrapping a towel around herself, Marie leaned over and pulled the stopper from the tub. By the time she’d straightened up, Logan was already trying to push himself out of the water.

“Will ya be careful, ya big lout,” Marie chided, tucking a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. “Yer gonna hurt yerself even worse than ya already are.”

“I’m fine, Marie,” Logan insisted, waving her away. With only one hand supporting him, Logan momentarily lost his balance and crashed against the side of the tub. Logan’s face twisted in pain, but he stubbornly refused to cry out.

“Ah told ya t’ be careful. Gawd! Are ya all right, Logan?” Marie demanded, crouching down next to Logan and carefully easing him away from the side of the tub. “Gawd, why d’ ya hafta be such a man? Can’t ya just sit still an’ do as yer told?”

“That would be boring,” Logan moaned, a pained expression on his face.

Marie rolled her eyes, trying her best to keep her expression neutral. “Doesn’t matter. Ah refuse t’ let ya hurt yerself anymore. So that means ya hafta behave yerself.”

“Anyone ever told you you’re very demanding?” Logan teased as Marie helped him to his feet.

It was a little tricky, but Marie managed to get Logan out of the tub without dropping him. It was a close call a couple of times, but Marie managed to keep a firm grip around his waist. If Logan wasn’t allowed to hurt herself, Marie didn’t want to hurt him either. Every time that she heard him wince or saw his face contort in pain, Marie felt bad. She didn’t want to hurt Logan, but in this situation there was no avoiding it.

“There. Yer outta the water,” Marie announced happily as she left Logan leaning against the sink in order to get a towel for him. “Now we’ll just get ya dressed again.... Hey, ya don’t have a pair o’ sweatpants in that bad o’ yers that’s attached t’ the back o’ yer bike? ‘Cause Ah have a feelin’ that ya’d be a lot more comfortable in a pair o’ sweats instead o’ yer jeans.”

Logan paused to think for a moment as he took the towel from Marie and began drying himself off as best he could. “Yeah, I think there’s a pair. There should be unless I tossed them or left them somewhere.”

Marie nodded her head, taking the towel from Logan in order to dry off his legs. “All right then. We’ll get ya inta yer boxers then Ah’ll go get yer bag.”

“Don’t you think you should put some clothes on?”

Marie glanced down at herself, blushing to the roots of her hair. “Clothes would be a good thing. It gets a little cold out there in nothing but a towel.”

“And do you know this from experience?” Logan teased, reaching for his boxers which were on top of the toilet.

Blushing even more, Marie grabbed the boxers from Logan. “Yes Ah know from experience. When Ah first moved up here Ah kinda went an’ got the paper wearin’ nothin’ but a towel. Didn’t feel warm fer over a day.”

Once she had Logan in his boxers, Marie helped him sit down on the lowered toilet seat then knelt down in front of him to put his braces back on. Once she had Logan’s braces back on his chest and ankle, Marie got dressed herself. Marie was just about to pull on her jeans when she heard a scratching at the door followed by some pitiful whining.

“Ah’ll be out in a minute, Boris. Just sit tight,” Marie called over her shoulder as she fastened her jeans.

Logan started laughing quietly. “Demanding dog you have there, Marie.”

“Yeah, but ya can’t help but love him,” Marie said with a grin. “He keeps the bad men away.”

“So I take it he approves of me. I haven’t been growled at yet.”

“An’ he chased off the guys that were attackin’ ya,” Marie added once she had pulled on her shirt. “Boris is mah four-legged bodyguard. Plus he keeps me company livin’ way out here.”

“Don’t forget, you’ve got me to keep you company now,” Logan reminded her.

Marie grinned, stepping between Logan’s spread legs. She placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned over to press a kiss against his forehead. Logan grinned up at her, placing his hands on her hips. He was silent for a moment, simply staring up at her as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“I’m really glad that you came along this morning,” Logan told her, pulling her forward so that he could brush a kiss against the exposed skin on her belly. “Those pricks woulda killed me if you hadn’t shown up.”

“But they didn’t,” Marie pointed out. “They left an’ are prob’ly a few hundred miles from here. So ya don’t hafta worry ‘bout them comin’ back. Boris’ll chase ‘em away if they try t’ come back.”

Logan lowered his head, his hands dropping from her waist. “Look, Marie, I don’t wanna put you in danger. Maybe it’s better if I just go. Get outta your hair before something bad happens to you.”

Marie shook her head, cupping Logan’s face in her hands and raised his face towards hers. “Ah’m not worried ‘bout anythin’ happenin’, Logan. An’ Ah don’t want ya t’ go. Ah’ve kinda grown attached t’ ya. ‘Sides, Ah don’t think Ah’d be able t’ live with mahself if Ah let ya leave like this.”

“I’ll be fine, Marie,” Logan insisted, trying to remain confident even though Marie could clearly see the sorrow in his eyes. “I”ll just get on my bike and start driving. Find a job somewhere, I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.”

Marie arched an eyebrow, staring intently at him. “What yer gonna do, Logan, is stay here. Yer hurt an’ in no condition t’ be tearin’ round the country on yer bike. So just wait till yer healed up ‘fore ya make any decisions. Okay?”

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to say no to you?” Logan asked, a ghost of a smile on his face.

Marie grinned broadly, nodding her head. “Yes, Ah do. Mah brothers tell me that all the time.”

When she turned to get an elastic for her hair, Logan grabbed hold of her hand. When she turned around, Logan grinned at her, an intense look in his eyes. “Thank you, Marie. For everything. I really mean it.”

“Well yer more than welcome, Logan,” Marie whispered, leaning forward and kissing him lightly on the lips. “Now, whadaya say ‘bout pizza fer supper?”