Chapter 2: Wipeout

His big mistake had been thinking he could beat him and get away with it. Logan knew that he could beat the guy easily enough if he really wanted to. The purse had been over two grand and Logan had wanted the money. That meant beating him. So he had pounded the guy into a bloody pulp and left with the purse. Jumping on his beloved Harley he had headed further north to rejoin the fight circuit.

About halfway there he’d noticed a black car come speeding up behind him. It was a car Logan instantly recognized as one from the bar. While it could have been anyone else who fought on the circuit, Logan had a sinking feeling that it was the guy he’d beat.

Cursing under his breath, Logan had sped up, hoping to outdistance him on his Harley. He could clearly make out three figures in the car when he looked in his rearview mirror and Logan knew right away that was a bad thing. He remembered the guy’s friends from the bar. They’d all been pretty big guys. Bigger than Logan by quite a bit. Logan was not a small man by any means and they dwarfed him almost completely.

The car must have had a souped up engine because it didn’t take them long to catch up to Logan.. Before Logan could speed up his bike further, the front end of the car bumped against the back of his bike.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Logan shouted as he struggled to keep his bike right-side up. It swerved dangerously and it was all Logan could to keep the bike moving forward.

The car slammed into the back of his bike once again and this time Logan couldn’t save himself. His bike swerved wildly before finally crashing into the snow at the side of the road. Logan landed on his right side, the heavy motorcycle crushing his right leg. Logan cried out, attempting to push the bike off of him. It wouldn’t budge, though. At least not until the three men threw it off him and down into the ditch. Logan didn’t even have the chance to react before he was hauled to his feet by one of them.

“Are you fucking insane?” Logan growled, struggling to pull away from them. “That’s my bike you almost trashed!”

The man Logan had beat in the fight came to stand in front of him, a snarl on his face. “You cheated, you fucking shit! And I’m here to get my money back!”

“You lost. Live with it,” Logan stated, his anger rising. “Now make your lackeys let me go before I get real pissed off.”

Instead of answering, the man punched him solidly in the jaw. Logan’s head flew back painfully and Logan could feel blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. That was only the beginning. Despite his best efforts at fighting back, there was nothing Logan could do to stop their fists which pounded into him. At one point, a crowbar became involved in the attack, wreaking havoc on Logan’s ribs.


The voice caught Logan off guard. It was a female voice accompanied by the sound of a dog barking. A very big down from the large black blur he could see charging towards them out of the corner of his eye.

Logan was dropped onto the snow, fire lacing through his abused ribs. He curled on his side, attempting to make the pain ease up somewhat.

“Oh mah Gawd! Are ya all right?” the woman cried from behind him. She knelt down next to him and began running her gloved fingers through his hair, attempting to get him to roll over.

It wasn’t gonna happen, though. The only way Logan was able to reasonably manage the pain was by staying curled up on his side. Under no circumstances was he going to move. He was going to stay exactly where he was even if it meant freezing to death when the snow soaked through his clothes. He knew that the way he was moaning was incredibly girly, but he couldn’t stop. Every little flicker of motion send shivers of pain shooting through his entire body.

“Ah know this hurts, but Ah need t’ get ya someplace warm. Ya might be hurt real bad an’ Ah don’t feel like havin’ t’ report yer death t’ the police,” she said softly, her fingers sliding down to his shoulder.

For some reason that he couldn’t quite understand, Logan allowed her to roll him onto his back. He moved very slowly, though, trying not to move his upper body too much. As long as he could keep his upper body still, it wouldn’t hurt quite so much. At least that was what he hoped.

Logan moaned loudly when he was finally lying on his back. He tried to find a comfortable position, but knew that it was hopeless. So instead he focused on the face of his rescuer. Focused on her wide brown eyes, full lips, the shocks of bleach blonde hair that framed her face. She looked like an innocent and he couldn’t let her get involved in his shit.

“You should get outta here. They could come back,” Logan grumbled as he began pushing himself into a seated position. He needed to get out of there. Away from this girl who was going to be in a lot of danger because of him.

Logan hated that Marie had to help him sit up. He didn’t want to have to depend on her. What he needed was to get out of there as fast as he could. Just get on his bike and ride away. Of course, the more rational part of his mind pointed out that he could barely sit up and would be in no condition to ride his Harley, but Logan refused to listen to that part of his brain. He was going to get up, he was going to ride his bike and he was going to get out of that town as fast as possible.

“Not gonna happen. Yer hurt an’ there’s no way Ah’m gonna leave ya out here like this. So yer just gonna hafta put up with me bein’ here,” the woman told him, her voice brooking no argument.

“You’re gonna get hurt,” Logan insisted, gasping as he shifted his upper body a little farther than it was willing to go.

“Ah’m a lot tougher than Ah look. Ah have two older brothers, after all. Teaches a girl a lot ‘bout fendin’ fer herself. Now quit bein’ such a baby an’ let me help ya,” the woman said, being very careful to keep his upper body as still as possible while she helped him to his feet.

It was that care which surprised Logan. She was being a lot nicer to him than she should have been considering how rude he was being. Logan had never been known for his good manners and they got even worse when he was frustrated. Not being able to move very much got him frustrated very quickly and Logan was surprised that she was sticking around.

Logan attempted to step away to her and get to his bike. He needed to get as far away as possible in case they came back. Unfortunately, as soon as he tried to take a step, Logan felt an incredible pain lacing up his leg. He would have fallen were it not for her arm around his waist, holding him up. Logan silently cursed. It was going to be a lot harder to get away than he had originally thought. He wouldn’t be able to get his bike out of the ditch if he couldn’t stand up on his own.

“My bike’s there in the ditch,” Logan lamented, annoyed by the fact that he couldn’t get his bike out when he needed it.

Without saying anything, the woman eased him back down onto the ground. He didn’t even get a chance to protest before she took off down the side of the ditch towards his bike. Logan didn’t think that she’d be able to get it up, but he was more than willing to watch her try. She was just a tiny little thing after all.

Logan was distracted from his thoughts by the large rotweiler butting its head against his arm. As soon as he turned towards him, the dog shoved its face right into his. At the smell of the disgusting dog breath, Logan shoved the head away, wincing at the pain it caused to raise his arm.

“Go home, you hairy mutt,” Logan ordered, staring the dog dead in the eye.

To his complete surprise, the dog actually listened to him. It turned around and began jogging down the road.

When Logan turned back towards the ditch, he was surprised to see that the girl had his bike out and was leading it towards the side of the road.

“Think ya can stay up long enough fer me t’ get ya on the bike?” she asked as she put the kickstand down, steadying the bike before stepping away from it.

“I can do that, no problem,” Logan assured her, slightly offended by the fact that she doubted he could stand up. Then he remembered what had happened the last time he had stood up. “Driving it might be a bit of a problem, though.”

The woman waved her hand absently. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. Ah can drive yer bike. Ah used t’ drive mah brother’s all the time.”

Logan stared at her in shock as she helped him to his feet. There was no possible way that someone as tiny as her could ride a Harley. Especially not his Harley. “You can drive a Harley?”

“‘Course Ah can. There’s a lot Ah can do that ya wouldn’t expect,” she said with a smirk that Logan knew couldn’t bode well. “Now get yerself on the bike so Ah can get us back t’ mah house.”

“Why are we going to your house?” Logan asked her, a little wary of her suggestion. Logan wasn’t fond of going into unfamiliar territory when he was hurt. It would be harder to defend himself in his present condition and Logan didn’t want to be in that situation.

Even though he still didn’t like the idea, Logan didn’t protest as she helped him onto the bike, making sure that he was properly situated before climbing on herself. “We’re goin’ t’ mah house so that we can get mah jeep. It’ll be a whole lot easier t’ get ya to the hospital in mah jeep then on yer bike, don’t ya think?”

Even though he didn’t want to admit it, she was right. Sitting up straight was really starting to hurt. He ached all over and wrapping his arms around her waist hurt in a way that he hadn’t thought possible. It was necessary, though. If he didn’t hold onto her, he was going to fall off and Logan had a feeling that it would hurt more if he fell off.

As the ride continued, the pain got worse and worse. By the time that they got to her house, Logan was moaning openly and, quite frankly, he didn’t care. His ribs were on fire and even the slightest jolt sent shots of pain shooting through every fibre of his body. He knew that she was trying to be careful, but that didn’t stop the pain.

“Ah’m just gonna let Boris inta the house then we’ll get ya t’ the hospital,” the woman announced as she all but jumped off the bike.

As soon as she got off the bike, Logan leaned over, wrapping an arm around his stomach. Even after the worst fight, Logan had never felt so much pain. Unwilling to let her know just how much he needed her help, Logan began trying to push himself off the bike. Logan hated asking for help. Even just after his accident six months before, Logan had refused to ask for help. Logan had done everything on his own no matter how long it took.

“Careful, yer gonna hurt yerself more,” she chided when she got back to the bike.

Still being very careful, she helped him off the Harley. As soon as he was forced to straighten completely, Logan nearly cried out. He bit painfully into his bottom lip to keep from making any noise. Logan wanted to keep up the strong front. It was just a part of who he was.

As soon as he was seated in the passenger side, Logan eased his body into a comfortable position that brought him the least amount of pain. It was difficult because no matter how which way he sat, he was still sitting up. The only time Logan had been in the least amount of pain was when he had been lying curled up on the snow. Ever since he had sat up, the pain had been constant, flaring up without warning.

“Look, I’m real grateful for you helping me out like this,” Logan told her once they were on the road again. “I ain’t used to people helping me out like this.”

She grinned over at him, her entire face lighting up. “Well Ah’m a pretty helpful person. Mah momma raised me like that. Mah name’s Marie, by the way.”

“I’m Logan,” he told her, returning her smile.

Neither of them spoke after that. Now that he was given the chance to relax, Logan took advantage of it. He simply shut his eyes and let every muscle go limp. It didn’t take long for him to drift off to sleep. In sleep, he didn’t hurt. Not one bit. Hopefully he would be able to sleep the entire way to the hospital.

All too soon, Logan felt Marie shaking his shoulder. She was saying something to him, but Logan’s mind was too hazy to make it out. Grumbling softly under his breath, Logan forced his eyes open. At first, everything was rather hazy. His eyes refused to focus on what he was looking at. As soon as he was able to get a clear image, the first thing that Logan saw was Marie’s face. She was smiling at him again and Logan couldn’t help but smile back. He had never been much of a smiling person, but, for some reason, Marie made him smile.

“We’re here, Logan,” Marie told him, brushing the hair off his forehead.

“Thank you,” Logan murmured, raising himself up into a more seated position.

Hopping out of the car with an agility Logan envied. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t be moving like that for a while. That meant he wouldn’t be about to fight until his ribs healed up. Not being able to fight would put a serious dent in his funds. He had about three grand stashed in his bike, so he’d be able to hold out for a while.

“Ya know, helpin’ lug ya around is gonna keep me from havin’ t’ do any cardio workout for at least a month,” Marie huffed as they reached the emergency entrance of the hospital.

Logan rolled his eyes, chuckling quietly. “I’m a man, Marie. I’m supposed to be heavy. But I assure you, it’s all muscle.”

“Muscles and squishy ribs,” Marie pointed out.

“I think I have to agree with you on that. A couple of my ribs feel pretty damn squishy,” Logan confirmed, placing his free hand against his stomach, just below where his ribs ended.

They had been inside the hospital for all of five seconds when a nurse came over to them with a wheel chair. He was eased into it and wheeled off into one of the exam rooms. For some reason that he couldn’t figure out, Logan began to feel uneasy as soon as he couldn’t see Marie any more. The room that he was taken into made Logan even more uneasy.

It was exactly like the one he had woken up in six months ago with absolutely no memory of his past.

From what he had been told, Logan’s truck had hit a patch of ice and swerved off the road. The truck had rolled over several times, during which time he had been flung through the driver’s side window. He had flown over twenty feet, smashing his head against the base of a tree. When he had come to a week later, Logan had no memory of his life.

He had amnesia.

At the time, Logan hadn’t had any identification on him. There had been none in his truck, either. Despite the best efforts of the local police, they had been unable to find any of his family. That meant Logan had no identity. He hadn’t even had a name for three weeks. It was a nurse who had suggested the name Logan. She told him that he’d looked like a Logan. It was the best name any of them had suggested so Logan had decided to go with that. He had been watching an episode of WWF Smackdown when he’d seen a wrestler named Hunter.

That night, he’d become Logan Hunters.

When he’d left the hospital after three and a half weeks after the accident, Logan had hoped that he would never have to set foot in a hospital again. They made him uneasy and only reminded him of the fact that he had no past.

Being back so soon had Logan incredibly tense. He was on edge the entire time the doctor x-rayed his chest and right leg, stitched up the larger gashes on his face and checked out his pupils to make sure he didn’t have a concussion.

In the end, the doctor concluded that Logan had two broken ribs, a fractured ankle, but no concussion. They put braces on his ankles and his abdomen so that all of the broken and fractured bones would stay in place until they healed.

“Idiot-boy took a tumble on his bike,” he heard Marie say once the doctor was finishing with the brace on his chest. “Lucky thing Ah was joggin’ by or he’d have had t’ crawl back t’ mah place all by himself.”

Logan grinned at her once again, relieved that Marie hadn’t told the truth about what happened. That would mean the police would be involved and Logan didn’t want to have to deal with him. It wasn’t like the fight circuit was completely legal. “You’d have noticed I wasn’t around and came looking for me.”

“Ya wish,” Marie smirked with a roll of her eyes. “Now tell me what’s wrong with the big lug.”

“Well your friend has two broken ribs and a fractured ankle,” the doctor informed Marie. “He’s going to have to take it easy for a few weeks. I have some pain killers for him, but it will still be hard for him to get around until his ankle begins to heal.”

That was when Logan knew he was screwed. There was no way that he’d be able to get very far in his condition. He might even have to trade in his Harley for something he’d be able to drive until his leg and ribs healed up completely. As much as he hated the idea of giving up his bike, Logan knew that he’d be able to get a new one eventually. His inability to fight would make his predicament even harder. He was going to have to make those three thousand dollars last a long while.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, Ah’ll make sure that Logan behaves himself,” Marie told the doctor without hesitation. “Does he have t’ stay in bed or anythin’ like that?”

Logan could only sit there in shock as Marie and the doctor started conversing about the type of care he would require. Logan wanted to say something, but he was still having a hard time wrapping his mind around the concept that Marie was offering to take care of him. She didn’t even know him. They’d met on the side of the road where he’d just gotten the shit kicked out of him moments before. Logan couldn’t think of a single person he’d met over the past six months who’d do something like that for him. Even the women he’d fucked had wanted him gone by morning.

“All right then, I’ll go get the painkillers for Logan. You can help him back into his shirt and you’ll be ready to go,” the doctor said, startling Logan out of his thoughts.