Chapter 20

“Yer not gonna go runnin’ again, are ya?”

Logan gave Marie and incredulous look,, his movements stilling. “You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me, kid. You’re thinking about that at a time like this?”

Marie shifted impatiently and ran her fingers through Logan’s hair. “Ah’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout a lot o’ things lately. Ah can’t help it....”

“Is it because you’ve got me in your head?” Logan asked, lowering his forehead against her bared shoulder. He pressed a kiss to her damp skin, one hand drifting down to clutch at her hip.

Tilting his head back towards her face, Marie arched her body against his. “Ah love havin’ ya in mah head, Logan, ya know that. It makes it so much easier ta understand ya. In case ya haven’t noticed, Logan, yer a verra complicated man.”

Logan’s chuckle turned into an all out groan as Marie grasped him tightly with his favourite muscles. “You’re killing me here, kid.”

Marie’s grip only tightened when he said that. “Ah’ve told ya countless times not t’ call me that, Logan. Ah’m twenty-two years old. Ah’m certainly not a kid anymore.”

“God no!” Logan moaned, both his hands disappearing into her hair as he attacked her lips with his own. “You’re a beautiful,” --a kiss to her forehead-- “amazing,” --her eyelids-- “ravishing,” --the tip of her nose-- “gorgeous creature that I love so very much.”

Marie grinned up at him, her dark eyes shining brightly. “Ya sure ya really got all yer memories back, sugah?”

Logan nodded his head, nipping lightly at her swollen lips. “Each and every one of them, darlin’. Whatever you did to me musta undone whatever they screwed with in my head.”

A single tear slipped down Marie’s cheek, disappearing into the rich auburn curls. Logan kissed the trail the tear made on her cheek, releasing a groan as Marie began to trail her fingers up and down his spine. His hips jerked uncontrollably as Marie bit down on his shoulder. Marie groaned and angled her hips up to meet his.

“Ah Gawd! LOGAN!” Marie choked out, her legs tightening around his waist, her entire body spasming.

Logan followed her a few seconds later, his entire body feeling as though he were breaking apart molecule by molecule. For a fraction of a second, Logan wasn’t entirely sure that he would be able to pull himself back together then he wasn’t aware of anything at all.

When Logan came to, he was being cradled gently in Marie’s arms, her fingers moving lightly through damp hair and skin that was covered with a fine sheen of sweat. Afraid that he was crushing her, Logan tried to roll over onto his side, but Marie clutched at him tightly with her arms and legs, refusing to let him go.

“I’m gonna squish you,” Logan mumbled against the upper swell of her left breast. He could feel her heart beating loudly under his cheek and pressed a kiss above where the organ lay.

“No yer not,” Marie protested, pressing her face into his hair. “Ah like ya right where ya are so don’t even think o’ movin’, sugah.”

Perfectly content to remain where he was, Logan didn’t protest any further. If he never had to move again he would be perfectly happy. Of course, that meant he wouldn’t be able to annoy good ol’ Scooter or find out what it felt like to make love to Marie out in the wilderness with only the stars to look down on them. Of course, Marie knew nothing of his plans to take her on a trip out west and wouldn’t until the weather got warmer and they left on their journey.

“I never got to thank you,” Logan whispered sleepily a few minutes later.

“Fer what?” Marie questioned, her hands not stilling in their movements for an instant.

Raising himself back up onto his elbows, Logan lowered his head so that his face was hovering less than an inch above hers. “For keeping me in your head for so long. For not giving up on me when everyone else had. For a whole lotta other things I can’t even put into words.”

Logan wasn’t sure what type of reaction he’d been expecting from her, but the delicate, almost tentative way she brushed her lips against his was a welcomed one.

“You’re what kept me going all those years I was Magneto’s puppet,” Logan mumbled against her lips. “I could see your face every time I closed my eyes and I knew that you would eventually find me.”

“Ah’m just sorry that it took four years,” Marie whispered, tears swimming in her dark eyes. “Ah shoulda figured it out sooner, Logan. Ah shoulda known that ya wouldn’t stay gone fer five years.”

Kissing away her tears, Logan held her carefully, as though he were afraid he would break her. “You couldn’t have possibly known, Marie. Besides, you had a life of your own to live. Your own problems to deal with without worrying about mine.”

“Yer a part o’ mah life, Logan,” Marie insisted, shaking her head vehemently. “Ya have been since that night Ah hitched a ride in yer trailer. Ah shoulda known that somethin’ was wrong. You’ve been in mah head fer so long, Ah shoulda picked up on somethin’.”

Logan placed his thumb over her lips, silencing her protests. “How? When I suddenly stopped calling you? It’s not your fault, Marie. I was careless and paid for it.”

More tears welled up in her eyes. She tried to protest again, but Logan replaced his thumb with his lips, silencing her instantly. Holding the back of his head with one hand, Marie cupped his cheek in her other hand, her thumb lightly rubbing his cheekbone. Her touch was so soft and so tender that it was unlike anything Logan had ever known. The entire time that Magneto had been in control of his body, Logan had dreamed of Marie holding him and touching him in ways that he knew she wouldn’t be able to. That knowledge made his dreams that much more bittersweet.

“I wish I could have been the first one to touch you,” Logan murmured into the rumpled curls.

He could sense Marie’s smile as she placed a kiss on his shoulder. “Ya should be happy that it wasn’t Remy Ah used as mah guinea pig. He volunteered often enough.”

“If that slimy little Cajun ever laid one hand on you I’ll gut him,” Logan growled, clutching at her hips possessively.

Marie only chuckled and gave the back of his neck a quick squeeze. “Don’t worry, sugah, Ah tested mahself out on Scooter. Our fearless leader’s knees were knockin’ t’gether the whole time. Jeanie found it awfully amusin’.”

Logan’s laughter rumbled deep in his chest. Any situation that made One Eye look like a fool was a good on in his book. Still, though, it didn’t take away from the fact that Scott had gotten to touch her first. True, he had touched her twice himself before leaving, but those were a matter of life and death. A simple kiss would have kept his nightmares away for many long, lonely months. It had certainly been doing wonders since his return to the mansion.

“Come with me,” Logan said suddenly, bringing his face back around so that his eyes were level with hers.

Marie gave him a crooked smile. “An’ just where am Ah s’posed ta go with ya?”

“Anywhere.” A smirk appeared on Logan’s face as he got a sudden idea. “We can hop one the back of Cyke’s new bike and head up to Anchorage. Unless you’ve already gone.”

“Ah’ve never found the time ta go before,” Marie admitted, her crooked smile becoming a wide grin. “Won’t it be a little cold now? We’ll freeze on Scott’s bike.”

Logan lightly nibbled on her bottom lip, his dark eyes never leaving hers. “I think we’ll be able to keep each other warm.”

Marie let out a bark of joyful laughter and swatted him on the arm. “If Ah didn’t know any better, Ah’d think ya were still a horny college boy yerself.”

With a devilish grin, Logan began to kiss a path from her mouth and down the side of her throat. While he was distracted with her collarbone, Marie caught him completely off guard. In a deft move that he was instantly proud of, Marie had him on his back. She was straddling his waist and leaning over him, her fists planted on either side of his head.

“Looks like it pays ta have the big bad Wolverine floatin’ round inside mah head,” Marie taunted, wiggling her hips against his.

Grinning up at her, Logan reached up and lightly ran a finger along the underside of her breast. “Can’t say that I’m complaining. You look like a goddess from down here.”

Marie arched an eyebrow, shifting slightly as Logan’s hand became more curious. “A goddess, am Ah?”

Logan let his eyes speak for him, reaching a hand behind her head and pulling her face down to his. He captured her lips in a quick kiss, barely more than an exchange of breath. “You still haven’t answered my question. Do you wanna come with me?”

“If Ah say no, will ya still go?” Marie asked, nervously brushing her hair behind her ear.

Without even hesitating, Logan shook his head. “I spent four years with you as nothing more as an image in my mind. I’m not gonna let you go any time soon.”

“Then mah answer is yes. Ah’ll go with ya t’ Anchorage,” Marie confirmed, her eyes alight with joy.

Logan sat up quickly, sending Marie sprawling on his back. Both of them were laughing as Logan pounced on her, pinning Marie to the bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he crushed his lips against hers. For several long minutes, neither of them came up for air. When the lack of oxygen became a problem, they pulled apart, both of them breathing heavily.

“Stay with me forever,” Logan whispered huskily, nuzzling her cheek.

Marie’s lips brushed against his shoulder, moaning at the feel of his lips against her throat. “Ya sure forever’s long enough?”

Logan brought his head around so that he was looking deeply into her eyes. “Nowhere near enough time, but it’ll have to do.”

“Ah guess it will.”

The End