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Jarrod Barkley

The male head of the household, although willing to yield to his mother. Sometimes referred to as Pappy. A very well rounded character. He assumes responsibility easily and sometimes, more than he needs to. Jarrod is an attorney and handles the legal and business end of the ranch. He also handles criminal law.

Jarrod's Description on the Web Site

In the Chat Room and on the Boards - Your descriptions:

The voice of reason
The rock of the family
Extremely intelligent
Knows how to treat a lady
The only child with a college degree
Two law offices, one in Stockton and the other in San Francisco
Has a deep respect for the individual and individual rights
During the Civil War, he led a platoon of Buffalo soldiers and also spent time in Washington, DC
Not quite the saint that he has been made out to be. Does have a temper
Married briefly, his wife, Beth, was murdered

Can be overbearing and condescending

Age at start of series: 32 (From the Big Valley 'Bible', the reference written when the series was created.)

Horse: Jingo (unsure of this. Often used in fan fiction because of a reference to a horse with that name in "By Fires Unseen." Nick calls the horse Hester will ride "Jingo," but Hester is petting Jarrod's horse.)

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Nick Barkley

When you look at the surface of the character, you find someone that is loud, boisterous and temperamental. However, his character is fairly well developed. Nick has a sensitive side. He is well read - has read Tennyson. He is loyal to a fault - even when there is evidence that the loyalty is undeserved.

Web Site Description

Here is what you had to say:

Always willing to try new things
Never does anything halfway
Slightly Naive
He has known hardship as a child, grew into wealth
Manages the ranch
Demands a lot from men on the ranch, but fair to all
Zest for life
A Born Leader
Can handle himself equally well on the ranch or a ballroom dance
Very close to his mother - protective
Closest to Jarrod
More of a deep friendship relationship with Heath
Loves to taunt and tease Audra

Bad temper
Afraid to show his sensitive side

Age at start of show: 28 (From the Big Valley 'Bible', the reference written when the series was created.)
Horse: CoCo

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A tragic hero and sensitive to a fault. Champion of the underdog. Came to the Barkleys in adulthood after his mother passed away. Heath is illegitimate son of Tom Barkley. He respects people from all walks of life. A personality that is half Nick and half Jarrod. Although, he is not Victoria's son, he loves her deeply and has strong admiration for her as a person.

Web Site Description

Here is what you had to say:

Able to overcome any obstacle
Strong Moral character
Listens to all sides of the story, before making a decision
Had a hard life until he found the Barkleys, occasionally has difficulties with adjusting to a life of wealth
Still Waters Run Deep
Closest to Nick
Shares a kinship with Audra, she's closest in age, very protective of her.

Keeps to himself too much
Difficult to know what he's feeling
Too hard on himself

Age at start of show: 24 (Mentioned in the episode "Palms of Glory."
Horse: Charger

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Audra Barkley

Impetuous and young. She is on and off again in the spunk department. Sometimes she is too complacent and others, she showed a real strength of character (Brawlers and Palms of Glory). She is willing to stand up for what she believes in if you push her hard enough. Audra is looking for a mate with the best combination of Nick and Jarrod. One email I received suggested, that if Heath were not related they would be perfect for each other.

Web Site Description

Here's what you had to say
Good hearted
Loves kids
Expert horsewoman
Daddy's girl

Too much of a princess

Age at start of show: 18 (Turned 19 in My Son, My Son. In the "Bible," she was supposed to be 21, but obviously this was adjusted by the time of "Palms of Glory")

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Eugene Barkley

Web Site Description

Currently attending the University of California at Berkeley. Studying agriculture. Idealistic and naive. Unsure of his role in the family. Only family member to call Victoria "ma". Not established definitively in the series as to whether he is older or younger than Audra.

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Victoria Barkley

The matriarch of the family. Possibly from an old New England family, debatable though. Her background is never fully established in the series. She is the center of the family, both as the head and the emotional cushion (and occasional referee) between her children.

Web Site Description

Here's What You had to Say:
Taught her children the importance of thinking for themselves
A very good judge of character
Amazed at how readily she accepted Heath into the family
Strong willed
Her father was, possibly, a miner that died in a mining accident
Widowed for a number of years
Change of dress as the series progressed. Her first season dress was very formal and proper. However, later on, she dressed more in western wear, closer to Nick

Tendency to be meddlesome

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Has known the family since Audra was a baby. Strong feelings for the family. Possibly a former slave, but, it is never established in the show. Knows how to handle Nick. In his 50's. He is intelligent and quiet. Contagious smile. Shares a close relationship with Victoria. Knows each of the family members very well.

Web Site Description

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