Sports & Swimming

Sports & swimming sessions are organized by Pastor Bart Mueller, the camp's Director of Sports and Recreation. Pastor Mueller also arranges many of our events. Along with Pastor Bart, we also have Jim Nord in charge of Outdoor Recreation.

Sports and recreation play an important part in the fellowship and fun at camp! This year you will have the opportunity to select a favorite sport of the week! Girls will have the option of playing basketball, softball, volleyball,& kickball. Boys can choose between basketball, volleyball, & softball.
Bothe Girls & Boys may also choose to participate in our special Outdoor Education program. Each sport will be planned so that everyone at any age or ability can enjoy the time spent in the activity!! There will also be time to wake up and loosen up each morning with our famous Minneboji exercises on the athletic court. This is an opportunity to let God's fresh, new day fill us with energy and enthusiasm. (Will see "Drill Instructor" or "Mr. Rogers" Pastor Bart this year? Or will he suprise us with a new "personality" this year?)
Remember to bring along the following items... softball glove, swimsuit, towels, & sunscreen.

Girl's Basketball

Boy's BojiBall (Softball)

Girl's Volleyball


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