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2002 Camp Pictures

Our 2002 camp theme was "Towering Truth"

Camp Minneboji cabins -- Home for the campers during the week!

The inside of a cabin.

Another look inside the cabins.

Camper A.J. heads back to his cabin.

Campers getting together during some free time.

The Christian Life Center is the "hub" of camp. Most events including music, bible studies, concerts, devotions, and the dance are held at the CLC.

Located on Lake Okoboji, the camp site itself is a beautiful place.

Honor's campers having fun!

Many new friends are made at Camp Minneboji.

Many of those friendships last forever. Pastor Kurt & Counselor Davyd have been friends for over 20 years.

Each morning we begin by saying Psalm 118:24

After morning devotions we head out for excersizes.

This morning Pastor Pat had us walk down to the ballfields...

...where he gathered the camp together to do the wave!

Pastor Iver leads a bible study.

Pastor Aaron leads campers during music.

Campers sing a favorite song, "God is my strength!"

Campers love to sing & praise during music.

Honors campers also get in on the fun.

Craft time is another camp favorite.

Campers make wooden angels during crafts.

Campers recieve instructions during crafts.

Campers love their time swimming in the lake.

The camp carnival is fun for all!

The sponge toss is always a camp favorite.

How low can you go? Limbo time!

Campers sign up for prizes at the carnival with Pastor Pat.

Hands down the favorite part of the week is the trip to Boji Bay water park.

Pics of Boji Bay.

More pics of Boji Bay.

2 of the 3 water slides at Boji Bay.

The Lazy River is another fun Boji Bay attraction.

Attack of the giant blueberry donut people!!!

Counselors recover a frisbee from atop a shelter at Boji Bay.

Another camp highlight is the dance.

A great way to use up some energy.

Pics of the dance.

More pics at the dance.

During the dance a camera went through the crowd...

...and projected the campers up on moniters.

The coveted clean cabin award.

Winning the award gets you to the front of the meal line for the day.

Be careful at meals though, if you are caught with your elbows on the table, then round the table you go.

Another meal time event is making the counselors do the "hula hop".

Pastor Scott leads a mission study.

Denny & Mindee Pravecek present a message of stewardship during mission studies.

A special mission presentation this year was a visit from Gary Thies.

He taught us many things about mission work & customs from around the world.

He brought along many authentic items & clothing.

Several campers dressed up in the costumes...

...including these 3 "russians".

Of course, we had our annual Staff vs. Counselors volleyball match.

As always, the staff played tough...

...but the couselors finally took a few sets this year.

2002 Camp Minne-boji Counselors

2002 Camp Minne-boji Counselors

2002 Camp Minne-boji Staff

Camp award winners!

Camp award winners!

Camp award winners!

Camp award winners!

Camp award winners!

2002 Minneboji "Spirit Award winners"

Congratulations winners, we are very proud of you!

Campers often participate in the talent show with their gifts of song...



...tumbling, and much more!

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