2002 Bible Studies

Day 4 - A Mighty Fortress: Refuge
Psalm 46

The Word:
1. List the troubles in nature recorded in Psalm 46:2-3.
2. List the troubles among nations recorded in Psalm 46:6.
3. List the powerful works of the Lord in verses 8-9.
4. Despite all these troubles and works, God gives us a two-word command in verse 10. What is it?
5. But how can you have this peace in the midst of all these troubles? See verses 1, 7, 10, 11.
6. Review the life of Jacob. (See Genesis chapters 26-50) God was his refuge strength, and fortress. Highlight some examples.
7. If God could help Jacob in times of trouble, he can also help us. Describe some earthly troubles that he helps us with.

1. All the troubles described in Psalm 46 are external earthly problems. Describe some internal troubles young people have today.
a. Emotional:
b. Spiritual:
2. How can the Lord bring safety and comfort for people facing these troubles?
3. How is “A Mighty Fortress” a TOWERING TRUTH for Christians?

Camp Minneboji 2002
Towering Truth ; Proverbs 18:10
Bible Studies
By: Rev. Iver Possehl

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