2002 Bible Studies

Day 3 - A City on a Hill : Witness
Matthew 5:14-16

The Word:
Read Matthew 5:14-16
1. What does Jesus call us in verse 14?
2. Why canít you hide a city on a hill?
3. How are believers like a city on a hill?
4. What silly action does Jesus describe in verse 15? What should we do instead?
5. What silly action do Christians sometimes try to do with their faith? What should we do instead? see v.16.

1. Why is it sometimes hard to witness to other people? Why is it easy to hide our light?
2. What can you do to overcome those roadblocks?
3. What Has God done to help you let your light shine?

DISCOVER: Your Story.
Grab a sheet of paper. Turn it sideways. Make three columns.
In column one, write a description of the way things were before you came to know Jesus.
In column two, write what God has done to change that.
In column three, write how Godís action has made a difference in your life.
Now tell your story to other people you know.
Think of someone who doesnít know Jesus very well. Pray for them.
Watch for an opportunity to share your story with themÖ

Camp Minneboji 2002
Towering Truth ; Proverbs 18:10
Bible Studies
By: Rev. Iver Possehl

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