2002 Bible Studies

Day 1 - The Tower of Babel: Sinful Pride
Genesis 11:1-9

Option One (With a large group)
Divide the group into teams of 3-5. Distribute ten sheets of newsprint and a roll of masking tape to each group. Instruct the groups to build the tallest tower they can with these materials. It must be able to stand on its own for at least one minute.
Option Two (Without a large group)
Discuss skyscrapers. Consider why they are built, the prestige they bring the builders, the competition to build the tallest.

The Word:
Read Genesis 11:1-9
1 What did the people begin to do on the plain of Shinar? v.4
2. What two reasons did they did they have for doing this? v. 4
3. Why was the Lord displeased with the peopleís actions? their attitude? v. 5-6
4. What did the Lord do to the tower builders? v.7
5. What was the result of the Lordís action? v. 8-9
6. What does Proverbs 16:18 say about pride?
7. What command did God give to all people through Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:28?
8. How did the plan of the tower builders conflict with Godís plan? Why did the Lord need to stop the building?

1. What feelings and attitudes are displayed in tower building
2. Give some examples of how sinful pride leads to sinful actions in our world today.
3. What does God do to help us overcome sinful attitudes and actions?
4. What can we do to see if our actions are in line with Godís plan for us?

Camp Minneboji 2002
Towering Truth ; Proverbs 18:10
Bible Studies
By: Rev. Iver Possehl

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