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Guybrush Threepwood & Le Chuck

Here's My Guybrush Threepwood figure, based on the character from the original Monkey Island game. This figure was created from a pirates of darkwater figure, a lot of filing and a bit of milliput! I filed down the arm decoration, the jacket, and cut his trousers shorter to look more like Guybrush's. Then i repainted him, made a treasure map and rat, and added a cute lego monkey! You'll understand the accessories if you've ever played the game! :)

Here's my action figure custom of the pirate Le Chuck, the bad guy from the Monkey Island computer games. The main base is an unknown figure, the hat is from a Joker figure, and the skull face is from a figure from the Spawn series. I added a whole bunch of milliput to his body to make him fatter, sculpted his jacket, and then made his beard out of lots of little bits of milliput. Yep it took a long time and a lotta work to make that beard, but i'm really happy with the end result!