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Famous Lincoln Letters

With the volume of letters written by a Chief Executive, it is no wonder that several survive the test of time. Many of Lincoln's letters, however, would have endured even without the advantage of volume. Many familiar phrases we all learned in school came from letters written by Lincoln, and one such letter was read in its entirety in a recent high budget movie. Anyone who studies Lincoln will have his or her favorite "Lincoln letters." Here are seven of mine:

Letter to Alexander Stephens, December 22, 1860

Message to George B. McClellan, April 9, 1862

Letter to Horace Greeley, August 22, 1862

Letter to Fanny McCullough, December 23, 1862

Letter to Ulysses S. Grant, July 13, 1863

Letter to George G. Meade, July 14, 1863

Letter to the Widow Bixby, November 21, 1864