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A Time Line of the History of
Lambda Chi Alpha - Phi Tau Zeta

1959 - The Raider Room opens. Phi Sigma Epsilon begins to bring a cannon to football games.

1960 - “IFC” first appears in the yearbook.

1961 - Sigma Pi wins first place in the fraternity division for floats at Homecoming.

1962 - Sigma Tau Gamma wins first place in homecoming

1964 - Phi Sigma Epsilon wins first place at homecoming.

1971 - Sigma Pi sponsors powder puff football.

1972 - Lambda Chi Alpha Outlaws hazing in all chapters- pledges now known as “associate members”

1974 - Delta Rho plays Alpha Sigma in the Turkey Bowl, which is still an annual tradition today.
Theta Kappa sponsors a sexy legs contest.

1977-78 - Sigma Tau Gamma is the intramural champ. Phi Sigma Epsilon has the highest GPA
among fraternities, and Lambda Zeta Pi wins first place at homecoming.

1981 - A Greek Council forms, taking representatives from IFC, ISC, and NPHC.
Lambda Chi Alpha colonizes in April of 1981, becomes the biggest colony ever of Lambda Chi Alpha.

1982 - Colony of Lambda Chi Alpha becomes chartered as the “Phi Tau Zeta” and becomes the 251rst chapter of the international fraternity
Colony sets up Housing at “Love Dump” on Hollar Ave.

1984- Lambda Chi Alpha wins Grand High Alpha Award for being one of top Lambda Chi Chapters in North America
“Greek Week" appears in the yearbook for the first time.
Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association begins
Lambda Chi moves to 13 North Morris Street

1987 - Lambda Chi Alpha wins 2nd Grand High Alpha Award for being one of top Lambda Chi Chapters in North America
TKE and Alpha Omicron Pi win Greek Week.
TKE subsequently burns down house on Middlespring Ave.
First Alumni Golf Outing Held at Owen Meals’ House at Cumberland Golf Course

1989 - ACACIA Housing Corporation Builds first new fraternity house ever at Shippensburg
Lambda Chi Alpha moves to 109 N Penn Street
Theta Chi loses recognition on campus and then charter
Lambda Chi Alpha and TKE become involved in one of largest fights in college history at 72 College Park
200th Lambda Chi Alpha brother initiated at SU

1991 - Lambda Chi Alpha wins Greek Week
Lambda Chi House at 339 E. Burd Street
Tau Kappa Epsilon loses recognition on campus.
Sigma Tau Gamma loses charter over hazing incident

1992 - Lambda Chi Alpha celebrates 10th anniversary

1993 - Lambda Chi Alpha House moves again to 124 North Earl Street

1994 - Lambda Chi Alpha takes over 207 South Washington Street
Greek Week kicks off with a Greek Clean.

1995 Rumors of a Greek Row Begin circulation among Greeks
Sigma Tau Gamma loses house- TKE takes it over
The Phi Sigma Kappa Farm is destroyed by a tornado- landlord fights with brothers and throws them out

1996 - 300th Lambda Chi Alpha brother initiated at SU, recruitment begins a true upswing with 16 men initiated during 96-97 year
Greek Row construction begins…
Sigma Tau Gamma gets first house on “Greek Row”- subsequently gets charter back
Tied for Greek Organization of the Year with Alpha Chi Row.
Lambda Chi Alpha one of the first five star organizations as defined by IFC

1997 - TKE and Lambda Chi Alpha involved in huge altercation at TKE house on Britton Road
TKE subsequently burns down house on Britton Road
Kappa Sigma gets 2nd house on Greek Row
Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation forms with new alumni and begins building over the summer and begins having meetings with the goal of getting a house
Website goes active for Lambda Chi Alpha

1998 - Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation gets recognized by the state of Pennsylvania- negotiates deal for next house on Greek Row with Developer Troy Beam
Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation holds first annual board of directors meeting at Wanda’s in Harrisburg
In the Spring, Delta Zeta, Sigma Delta lose recognition on campus.
In the Fall, Theta Kappa loses recognition on campus.
Big Brother Chapter of Phi Tau Zeta (Gettysburg- Theta Pi Zeta) closes due to lack of members
Phi Sigma Kappa and Chi Gamma Iota get 3rd and 4th houses on Greek Row

1999 - Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation get house built at 15 SunBeam Court Built- chapter moves in in July
Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha bid farewell to 207 South Washington Street
In the Spring, Sigma Delta regains campus recognition.
In the Fall, Delta Zeta regains campus recognition, and Chi Gamma Iota loses its recognition on campus.
Kappa Sigma also gets their charter revoked.
The Infamous Sig Pi Mansion closes its Doors
Sigma Tau Gamma loses House- subsequently destroys it, Delta Zeta moves in

2000 - Lambda Chi Alpha becomes the dominant fraternity on Greek Row begins to experience massive growth in membership and reputation
Phi Sigma Kappa loses their charter; Sigma Tau Gamma also loses their charter
Chi Gamma Iota member and two others accused of execution style murder of SU student
Kappa Sigma loses their house, Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority moves in

2001 - Lambda Chi Alpha back to 40 man chapter for first time since 1991
Chapter begins to harken back to glory days of Mid 80’s
Big Brother Chapter of Phi Tau Zeta (Gettysburg- Theta Pi Zeta)- recolonized with 33 new members at Gettysburg College
TKE manages to take over a sorority house on Greek Row

2002 - Lambda Chi Alpha celebrates 20th anniversary at Shippensburg University
Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Upsilon represent the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee with three members each. Phi Delt has two members, Phi Sig Phi and Acacia each have one
The office of IFC President is held by a member of Lambda Chi Alpha for the first time in chapter history
Delta Upsilon moves onto Greek Row beginning in the fall of 2002 by taking over the old XGI house
Pi Lamb also moves onto Greek Row
Acacia is kicked off campus in the Spring of 2002
TKE makes a strong effort to get back on campus for the fall semester

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