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he's so dreamy...

Just as the title says, this is where you will find all things Jeff Corwin. My main purpose of building this site is basically to get together all those who like, love, enjoy, admire, obsessed with Jeff Corwin, not just as a tv show host but as a man... a sexy manly man. For those of you who do not know who Jeff Corwin is.. he's the hottie host of "The Jeff Corwin Experience" on Animal Planet. I'm not really that great on making a huge speech about Jeff (since the most of how i can decribe him is "hummana hummana yum yum"), so maybe i'll leave it to any of you guys out there who are better at the lavish introduction. Sign the guestbook or write something in the message board and i'll choose the best decription there is about...yes... Jeff Corwin.

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This week has been so far the most awsome and yet strange for me... I'm sure you guys have listened to the Animal Planet Jeff webcast on aug. 29! (if not follow this link) yep!! thats right! this site was mentioned! and even after jumping up and down and bowing and waving to an invisible crowd.. for about 3 days now.. im still in shock... he mentioned that there was some site out there where you can change his underwear... (yep..thats here!) sometime during the first 5 minutes of the web guys should check it out!
p.s. this event has made my year!

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Don't forget to check back here often ! I have lots fun changes and additions to this site all the time.

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First of all, i'd like to thanks all of those whose supported and made The U.J.C.W.S. what it is now. You guys ROCK! I've been getting an enormous amount of mail from all over the place telling me how much the loooooovve & adoooore Jeff Corwin. So i've decided to highlight some of the best ones iv'e read here.

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Date: July 16, 2001
Name: Natalie Age: 19

Jeff Corwin is ... HOT!!! I have the biggest crush on him!! He is soooo gorgeous and I am incredibely envious of his wife. Who cares about the animals...GIVE ME JEFF!
Dirty Laundry

You have all probably have seen, heared, or even participated with this horrible coup d'etat in the Mesage Forum of this page. So far I have tried to stay out of this bloody feud hoping the madness will stop ... but noooo...the madness goes on. So hear me now! this has all got to end! so what if he's so close minded to accept other people opinions! We are all mature enough to know whats right.. and that is to go out on our own merry way and be respectful of others and their wonderful quirks no matter how strange funny extraordinary they may be... and ignore those who have none better to do than criticize other people convictions. Just leave it to karma.
p.s. thank you for all the free publicity

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This Section is especially dedicated just for Jeff Corwin. I know that you travel around a lot, and that it's probably hard for you to get internet access somewhere in the wilderness. But if you happen to come by a computer and find this site... please please contact me!! Consider this like the "Bat Signal"

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Jeff Corwin:
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or you can pledge your undying love and admiration for Jeff Corwin here. Songs, sonnets, poems, stories, anecdotes are all welcome.

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