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Eric's 82 Vanagon called the "SPUD"


Always Under Construction

Welcome to the Fischer Volkswagen Odyssey. Eric has been a devoted G.M. guy all his life until recently. Karen had come across a mint 1982 Vanagon at our local dealership. We took one test drive and bought it on the spot. What we did not realize was that to own a great bus like this, meant that you had to become a backyard mechanic real fast! We have had to make several major repairs on the bus. Since I am a dedicated office boy, skinned knuckles and bleeding fingernails were something I never figured would be inflicted on me! Luckily, here in Orangeville and surrounding area are some great fellow owners who are more than ready to lend a hand, or advice. They will make owning this beauty a lot easier. So far, I have had to change the oil twice, redo the push rod tube seals, and replace the valve cover gaskets. I have also spent a small fortune on Ebay for various parts, manuals and other stuff.

So, this is our story.

Click here to see the first photos!

Click here to read the sad tales of repair and replacement!

Click here to see photos of my friend's busses!

My Favorite Things About Our Bus

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