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Example Bookplates

It used to be common to order Personalized Bookplates for your Library
Early plates commonly had intricate engraving, gold borders or color work
A fine bookplate was a thing of pride to identify fine collections
I encourage artists to work on designs of their own to consider for production
Used without permission ~ examples here are shown for artistic purposes only.
You can see this first group online for purchase from

Explore an extensive collection of bookplate stamps and designs
at ExLibrisStudios pages of the OwlStudio
~ Daniela Hartl-Heisan ~ nature artist ~ Vienna, Austria

The following are Rockwell Kent Bookplate examples ~
See more on 'The Art of the Bookplate' at The Rockwell Kent Gallery
These are exquisite examples of how simple, engraving style, one-color designs
can look great and would be perfect for letterpress production of your design.

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