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Latest Diary

FRIDAY 24th 2000


Well done everybody, including : Gary Kearly (PRODCTION MANAGER) Lara Powie (PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR) Lauren Edwards (STAGE MANAGER) Lizzie Hayman (ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER) Chole Blackman (DIRECTOR) Shelly Gilchrist, Adam Chidgzey (ASSISTANT DIRECTORS) Gavin Weedon (WRITER) Tom Callaby Alex Nockles Sunny Bath(CREW) Louise Bird Alyssa Gaffney(PROPS)Lizzy Dyson Tessa Axlerod(COSTUME) Wai Mon Lie, Laura Reece, Cara Taylor-Horton, Lindsay McAdam(PROGRAMMES AND PUBLICITY) Aimee Nicolle, Crystal Kelly(TECNICAL) Daniel Murrell, Daniel Burt, Dale Robinson, Mark Lane, Christina Cappellaro(SET DESIGNERS) Sarah Morgan, Natasha Jalota, Sharon James, Nicola Barker, Gavin Sealy, Robyn Taylor, Amy Doyle, Karima Oulkadi(FRONT OF HOUSE) Jane Barnard, Hannah Telford(PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS) Greg Marler, Wai Mon Lie(INTERNET CO_ORDINATOR)Carl Ward as Gorden Bennett, Hannah Powell as Ruth Palmer, James Lynch as Keith Hunt, Sophie Smith as Beth Roberts, Lee Robinson as Mr Warren, Kayleigh Reed as Tracy, Kelly Simmonds as Stacy, Lucy Hitchinson as Gemma, Alice Hallsworth as Trini, Joanna Weedon as Claire, Samantha Hollis as Lisa, Nikki Skilbeck as Miles and Craig, Nimish Ubhayakar as Mr Todd and Chippy, Ben Greening as Mark and Policeman, Chelsea Cruikshank as Sam Bates and Miles Wife and Vicar, Emma White as Cheryl and Meryl and Beryl, Cherise Pretty as Cleaner (CAST)David Francis, Liz Francis, Alastair Dunn, Anne Hook, Wesley Coles, Graham Robinson, Sam Adams, Ian Rowlandson, Joanne Barnard, Ray Barnard, Sainsbury's Homebase, Sandy Powrie, Claire McCormack(EVERYONE ELSE) And never forgetting... Mr Paul Thundercliffe

By Gregory Marler

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