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*My Mania*

WELCOME to a revolution in musical theatre!

We are the premier production of a new musical that addresses the issue of being a teenager in America growing up with mental illness and having to go through the social structure of high school at the same time. This story is told through dramaticized personal stories, lively popular music from our past, and emotions told through movement.

We hope that we can share our theatre with those who are affected by their friends, families or their own struggle with mental disease as well as those who would like to know more about what a serious illness this really is.

Please join us at Virginia Tech's Performing Arts building to share in our musical exploration of mental illness and how it affects young adults today. Show dates are February 3rd - 7th, 2002. The doors open at 7pm for a talkback with the directors and actors of the show, and the show begins at 8pm, and admission is FREE to the general public.

We hope to see you there.

Click below for more information regarding this brand new form of informative entertainment.

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