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Yumemiru Mori no Yume no Yume
"The Dreaming Forest's Dream of Dreams"



tsuki ga katamuki wara ukoro
shizuka ni mori wa nemuri ni tsuita
jitto mienai hoshi no iro
zutto zutto sagashiteta

daremo shiranai kurai michi
yumemiru mori wa kuroi TAROTTO
zutto mienai hito no koe
jitto jitto ki iteita

onaji hitomi to mune no oku
itsumo o-hanashi shiteta ne

miru ni mire nai
okubyou kaze no mori no sei
deru ni dere nai
okubyou kaze no mahou jin

tsuki ga yori soi nemuru goro
yumemiru mori wa kuroi TAROTTO
yume wa mahou nanka yori
zutto zutto tsuyoi'n da

yume wa mahou nanka yori
zutto zutto tsuyoi kara

The moon tends to smile at the right time
As the quiet forest is falling asleep
Though I'm still, I cannot see the color of the stars
For so long, so very long I've searched

For whoever doesn't know the shadowy path,
The dreaming forest is a black tarot
The voice of another hasn't appeared for so long,
But quietly, quietly, it was heard

Your eyes are the same as what's inside,
They always did the talking for you

You see by not looking
The timid breeze of the forest of energy
You get out by not leaving
The timid breeze of a magical person

When it's time to sleep, the moon nestles close to
The dreaming forest; it's a black tarot
Dreams are more magical than anything
Much, much stronger as well
Dreams are more magical than anything
Always, always because of their power

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