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Okaasan te Nan Darou?
"What Is A Mother?"



kondo to iu kondo wa MAJIGIRE ATAMA kita
shikatte bakari no okaasan daikirai
asobou omoikiri hitori demo komaranai

shikararerutte dou iu koto kana
shikararete mitai na

oboeteru no wa ano hi no koto dake
o-sora e kietetta okaasan naiteta
koborete chigireta namida no tsubu ga
houseki ni natte nokottanda yo

itsuka kanarazu muka e ni kite kureru
shinjite matteru no okaasan aitai
o-kao mo oboete inai kedo itsumo
houseki miteru to koishiku naru no

okaasan koishiitte? aitaitte?
"Sorette shikarareta koto nai kara da yo."
demo okaasan te sonna ni ii mo no kana

ikenai koto wo kodomo ga shita toki
shikatte kureru no ga okaasan ... "Sou daro?"
itsudemo kodomo no shiawase negatte
aishite kureteru sore ga okaasan

Now people say that recently, I've been extremely upset and angry,
But it's just the scolding of my mother, I hate it!
Let's just stay here, since we're alone, we can't get in trouble!

How can you yell back, when you don't know the real problem?
You're so much like the one who scolds you

You're remembering only the problems of that day
After you dissappeared into the sky, mother changed
She was torn up inside, and her falling tears
Changed into the remaining jewels

Surely someday, you'll be on the opposite side
Believe that your mother has been waiting, and wants to see you
Remember her face, for it won't always exist
See the jewels, spread the growing love

My mother loves me constantly? She wants me to return?
"But that means going back to being scolded."
But I wonder if all mothers really are nice like you say?

Since she wasn't good at matters with children,
Scolding was your mother's way of giving. "Isn't that right?"
We all wish for children to be happy forever
Loving and giving, that's a mother

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