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Namikimichi no Koi
"Love on the Tree-lined Street"



wakaba no haru namikimichi de
hajimete ano hito wo mita toki wa
mune no oku ga KYUN to natte
omowazu tachisukumi miokutta wa

komugi iro ni yaketa natsu ni
getsumen chuugaeri misete kure
omoide no namikimichi de
aki no hi abinagara mitsumeatta

sore demo sore demo ano hito wa
nanni mo itte wa kurenakatta
konna ni konna ni suki nano ni
sotsugyou shitetta watashi no hatsukoi

At the tree-lined street with young spring leaves
When I first saw that person
Something rang within my heart
Without thinking or moving, I watched him leave

During the summer that glowed with gold
He showed off his perfect somersault for me
At the tree-lined street of memories
We gazed at each other as the autumn days drifted by

But still, that person
Did not say anything to me
Even though I loved him this much
He graduated, my first love

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