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Just Love Wasurerarenai
Just Love, I Can't Forget

  • Romanized by Dehaev
  • Romaji corrected and translated by Valerie Yoza
  • Translations revised by Dehaev
  • Performed by Roof Mellow
  • Track 16 - Memorial Album of the Musical 7
  • Japanese Lyrics

    omoeba kore made
    unabara sakamaku arashi mo
    hitori de norikoete kita
    nakama wa iru keredo
    wa ga mi wo mamoru no wa kekkyoku
    jibun jishin da to
    arasoi no hazumi de ichido dake
    fureatta sore dake nano ni
    wasurerarenai fukai manazashi
    migi no katasaki ni yubi no kioku
    atsuku nokori mune made itai
    hajimete no kurushii kimochi
    mou kokoro ni wa ano hito dake
    It seems that, so far,
    through the ocean's surging waves and the storm,
    I overcame it all on my own
    My comrades are here, but...
    What protects me is, in the end,
    just my own self
    Once, during the battle, for just an instant,
    we touched, and though it was no more than that,
    I'll never forget that meaningful look
    And on my right shoulder, the memory of his touch...
    It still lingers fervently, inciting an ache in my chest
    My first intense feeling...
    Already, my heart is only for that person