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Fukitsu na Kaze ~ Fukkatsu wa Higeki no Zenchou
Ominous wind ~ Revival is a Tragic Omen

  • Romanized by Valerie Yoza
  • Translated by Heidi Braga
  • Performed by Chibiusa and Outer Senshi
  • Track 7 - Memorial Album of the Musical 4

    dare nano anta-tachi dare yo
    fukitsu na kaze wa akumu no hajimari
    bukimi na kage ga
    iki wo koroshite
    atashi-tachi wo
    warera koko ni
    fukkatsu shita no wa
    ooi naru KURAISHISU
    hametsu no yokan
    futatsu tonai hoshi
    mamotte miseru
    Who is coming? Who are all of you? Who is it?
    Ominous winds blow beginning this nightmare in me
    Eerie shadows seem to breathe a life of
    their own from somewhere behind
    We seem to
    Be their targets
    Be the targets!
    And here we are now!
    Revived because you called for us
    Quickly turning into more crises now!
    Premonition of destruction
    Sending a summoning to us
    Coupled with the stars we now will
    Defend from what evil shows!