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Stay Alone

  • Romanized by Dehaev
  • Translated by Kunzite
  • Performed by Sailor Pluto
  • Track 8 - Memorial Album of the Musical 6

    uchuu no yami no naka de
    hitasura moeru OORORA no
    kodoku ni waga mi wo kasaneru
    toki no tobira mamori
    toki no nagare sasae
    eien ga hateru to mo
    tachi tsuzukeru Stay alone
    aishite wa naranu hito
    aishita tsumi no itami wo
    hisoyaka na yorokobi ni
    kaete dakishime Stay alone
    todokanai omokage wa
    kieru koto mo nai
    In the center of the darkness of space
    an aurora burns earnestly
    I go through a growing lonliness
    Sailor Pluto...
    I protect the door of time
    I support the stream of time
    No matter if eternity ends
    My stand continues... Stay Alone
    The one who I was not supposed to love
    I loved. Indiscretion's pain
    In secrect delight
    to change and to hold him tight. Stay Alone.
    never to reach for his face
    vanishing again.