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as of August 11, 2003

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Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen
Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi
Yume Senshi Ai Eien ni
Sailor Stars
Eien Densetsu
Shin Densetsu Kourin
Kaguya Shima Densetsu
Last-Dracul Overture
Transylvania no Mori
Ankoku no Black Lady
Mistress Labyrinth
Legend of the Shooting Stars

Eternal Edition
Eternal Edition 2
Eternal Edition 3
Dark Side Edition


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.:SeraMyu // Suzuki Nana:.

~ Welcome ~

... To Musical Moon! A Sera Myu site dedicated exclusively to bringing you lyrics and translations to (eventually) every song released on CD.

~ Romanizations / Translations ~

If I have the CD, I can do all the romanizations myself. However, I can't always buy the album when it's released so... if anyone has an album that I do not, I would very much appreciate scans of the inside lyrics, track list (including performers), and audio tracks (doesn't matter which format, as long as it's clear enough) so I can hear the kanji pronunciations in the song. Optional, but also appreciated, scans of the front and back cover of the album. Many thanks!

I'm nowhere near fluent in the Japanese language, so I'd much rather leave translating in the hands of someone more experienced. I have a few translators already on call, but I could always use more. If you would like to volunteer to be a translator, just send me whatever you've translated and let me know what name you'd like me to credit you with. I will also link your e-mail address or web address, but only if requested. (Even if you are already credited on my website you can still request at any time to have an e-mail or web address added or removed.)

Note to translators: Please use the original Japanese lyrics when translating. I cannot stress this enough. Some words can have many different meanings that only kanji can differentiate. Since many of you may not own the albums, I have been and will be typing up the original lyrics to every song on the site. If you wish to translate a song that I haven't done yet, let me know, and I'll type it up for you. Your browser must have Japanese Text Support to view the lyrics.

If you are still having trouble viewing the Japanese Lyrics, try this.

~ Questions / Comments / Site Related or Otherwise ~

Feel free to email me with whatever questions, comments, or suggestions you may have regarding my site. Or if you just want to say 'Hi'. :)

If you'd like me to romanize a song that has nothing to do with Sera Myu or even Sailormoon, I can do that for you, too. Just send me a scan of the lyrics and an audio track. I can't promise you any translations, though.

Some have asked and so I'll answer here: Any song not on CD will have to be excluded from my site since I can't romanize (let alone translate) a song without accompanying lyrics.

If you feel that a translation is not accurate and you can do better, send me your updated version and I'll swap them next update.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy what I have so far!

Sailormoon and the Musicals © Takeuchi Naoko, Bandai Visual, Toei Animation, Kodansha, etc. All images on this site were scanned/edited by me unless otherwise noted.