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The Theatre Guild is a place where magic and imagination come to life! We produce spectacles, dramas, musicals, and comedies that blow everyone away! We have been around for seven years and have a track record of nearly seventy hit shows. Shows that include "A Thousand and One Arabian Nights", "The Crucible," and "Oklahoma"These are shows that the whole family can enjoy. Where the kids are swept away to mystical lands and parents can enjoy the tounge-in-cheek humor. We pride ourselves on our fine actors and performers, our creative ventures, and our ability to put on the best show in town.

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: There are many ways to get involved here at the Guild. If you are a big ham and would like to try your hand at performing, please feel free to call us at (714) 827-9141. We are always looking for new talent to spotlight and who knows? You may become the next great star!

We have a brand-new orchestral department starting up, so if you love 'fiddle around' or if you want to 'toot your own horn', come on down and march to the beat of a different drum. Call Steve Fox at (310) 373 9098. Upcoming Auditions.

We also have a terrific dance department so call us at (714) 827-9141.

If you wish to participate in our crew, come onboard! We are currently looking for people interested in the following fields: Scenery construction, Stage crew, Costume design/seamstress, and Stage Management. You may call the above number, or just come on down to our rehearsal venue.

If you wish to participate in more of a business way, let us tell you about our greatest and newest endeavor: The John Price Theater Foundation.

John Price Award

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