Prayin’ For the Rain

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 2000 HIM Music


Key: C



Verse 1:



Elijah went down to see the king



And said listen to what I say



God’s getting’ tired of your wicked ways


           D7              G       C

There ain’t gonna be no rain


        Am                     D7  

The land was dry for three long years


         F                                             E7   Am

They searched for water in vain



The king went lookin’ for the prophet man


      G7                 C

He needed somebody to pray





                        C            C      F/C      C                          C          F/C     C

Oh, Lord, I’m prayin’ (prayin for the rain) for the rain (prayin’ for the rain)


F7                          C

Prayin’ for a rainy day (prayin’, prayin’, rainy day)


                                     C         F/C      C                Am    C         F/C       C

Oh, Lord, I’m prayin’ (prayin for the rain) for the rain (prayin’ for the rain)


Dm7                 G7     C

Prayin’ for the latter rain (prayin’, prayin’, latter rain)


Am                                                                             D9                                  D9

Every day I’m looking (ever day I’m looking for a cloud in the sky) for a cloud in the sky


      F                                E7         Am

To shower down revival from on high


                        Am         Am                          D9

Oh, Lord, I’m prayin’ (prayin’ for the rain) prayin’ (prayin’ for the rain)


F7                    G7      C

Prayin’ for the latter rain (prayin’, prayin’, ladder rain)



Verse II:



Elijah went up to the mountaintop



Together with the prophets of Baal



They prayed and cried to their god all day


       D7                  G            C

But they served a god that failed


  Am                            D7  

Elijah prayed and the fire fell


      F                                             E7   Am

He put those prophets to shame



He turned to the king and said you better run,


                   G7            C

I heard the sound of abundance of rain



Verse III:



Take a look around at the church today



It’s a dry and thirsty land



Nobody wants to pay the price


      D7                   G         C

To bring down revival to man


Am                       D7  

Lord, help me to be the one


F                                            E7   Am

Down on my knees to stay



Until I see a cloud in the sky


G7                   C

Comin’ with a mighty rain