Letís Have Our Own Pentecost

Words and Music by Judd Sessions

© 1994 HIM Music


Key: Eb






Letís have our own Pentecost; the kind that pays the cost;


       Ab                      Ab7                     Eb

The kind that really stirs the fire within



Letís pray for the power to fall this very hour


     F7                                         Bb7

In you and I is where it will begin


                  Eb                      Bbm7               Ab                      Abm6

Well, they had it way back when and I believe itíll come again


               Eb    F/D     Gm/C       Fm/C       Eb/B Bb7    Eb

Letís go back to the cross and have our own   Pentecost



Verse I:



Now weíve heard of those revivals way back when



And the results of them will never have an end


          Eb                                             Ab           

But I think we really need, and Iím sure you will agree


       Fm              Bb7          Eb

Is a revival to a radical degree



Verse II:



Now if you doubt what God can really do



Just look around because I donít think Heís through



Because all the saints have been on their knees



And all of heaven stands and sees


            Fm              Bb7                 Eb

So just lift up your praises and receive