Iíve Got a Song

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1998 HIM Music


Key: C



Verse I:


   C11                                  Bb7/C      F/C                C

I love to sing the songs of Zion, the songs of victory


   C11                   Bb2/C                    Eb/C          F/C         C

Amazing grace is just as sweet as it was on my motherís knee


                G                         G7                         E7                      Am

But I will never forget the moment when He washed my sins away


      F/D                    C/E                     F/D               Gsus4   G7

My life became His instrument, and He began to play





                 C                        F

Iíve got a song (Iíve got a song to sing)


                 C                   D7         G

Iíve got a song (written just for me)


    C            C7        Bb/F F

A song the angels cannot sing


E7                                        Am         A7

Straight from a heart thatís been redeemed


Dm            F/G                    C11    F/C                  C11     F/C

Iíve got a song, Iíve got a song,        Iíve got a song



Verse II:


   C11                                     Bb7/C     F/C     C

A song for every morning to start me on my way


   C11                   Bb2/C        Eb/C       F/C     C

A song for every evening to brighten up my day


                        G                        G7                      E7                      Am

And when Iím walking alone in darkness, I can hear His tender voice


F/D                    C/E               F/D                 Gsus4   G7

In the night He gives a song to restore my joy



Ending (build):



Iíve got a song



Iíve got a song



Iíve got a song


                C11     Bb   Eb   Ab   Bb

Iíve got a song


(Octaves) F     G   Bb C

                 Iíve got a   song!