Iíve got a Reason

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 2000 HIM Music


Key: G





D7             G7

Iíve got a reason to shout, to dance and rejoice


                                 Em7         A7            D7

Iíve got a reason to sing, and lift up my voice


             G             G7                  C/E              Cm/Eb

For the Lord has brought me a mighty long way


G/D          Em7             D7        G

Iíve got a reason to rejoice today



Verse I:



The army of the Pharaoh was following behind


                                                             A7                     D7

The chosen people of the Lord could find no place to hide


       G                        G/B        C7

But then the waters parted a path across


A7                                   A7/C#        D7

When they reached the other side, they began to sing:



Verse II:



Paul and Silas in the jail at midnight they rejoiced


                                                A7                   D7

They began to sing and pray, lifting up their voice


         G                                 G/B                      C7

Now you might think their circumstance was one without a key


       A7                A7/C#      D7

But it was just a reason to thank God they were free!



Verse III:



You may think weíre loud, perhaps a little strange


                                                    A7                      D7

The way we sing and shout, and lift our hands to pray


       G                            G/B                      C7

But if you knew where we came from or where we couldíve been


A7                       A7/C#                 D7

You could understand the joy we have in praising Him!