I知 Redeemed

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

ゥ 1999 HIM Music


Key: C



Verse I:


           C2                            Dm7

There is no other story so beautiful and true



Than the one about the greatest love



That ever had been proved


         Gm7                         A7

How God could take the only Son


     Dm7     A7        Dm7

Begotten that He had


        Am7                   D9

And shed His blood, innocent,


        Dm7           Gsus4   G

Just like a little lamb



Verse II:


       C2                                   Dm7

My mother told the story as I sat on her knee


         Dm7/G                                      Cmaj7

And after all the years gone by it痴 still a mystery


                Gm7               A7

But there is one part I understand;


    Dm7          A7        Dm7

It means so much to me


       Am7                        D9

His precious blood can wash me clean


      Dm7            Gsus4      G

Forever I知 redeemed





C/G    C2                     F

I知 redeemed, I知 redeemed


           Em7                  A9               D7        G7

I知 redeemed by the blood of the Lamb


        C                                       F       C/E       Dm

You ask me how I know the Bible tells me so


F/D     C/D           Dm/G C/G   G7      C

I知 redeemed by the    blood of the Lamb



Verse III:


          C2                                Dm7

Someday it will be over; the story will be told



A Mighty Host, the Bride of Christ



Will stand before the throne


              Gm7                 A7

And the angels that surround us there


                 Dm7     A7     Dm7

Who have waited for so long


        Am7      D9

Will silently stand amazed


      Dm7                       Gsus4   G

To hear the sweetest song: