Iíll be Home

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1993 HIM Music


Key: F/Gb/G



Verse I:


F                                F/A                                   Bb                   G/B

Walking through the front gate          like Iíve done so many times


Bb/G                    C/A                                   Dm/Bb            C

Memories of the old home place          are stirring in my mind


F                            F/A                        Bb                    G/B

I stop to smell the roses          mama planted by the porch


Bb/G                      C/A                                 Db/Bb                   Csus4    C

The wind is softly blowing          memories through the open door



Verse II:


F                           F/A                                 Bb                        G/B

I slowly climb the wood steps          daddy built with tender love


Bb/G               C/A                                 Dm/Bb                C

Everything is still the same          as it was when I was young


F                                 F/A                      Bb                     G/B

But thereís an empty feeling          still deep inside my heart


Bb/G               C/A                             Db/Bb            Csus4    C

How I long to see my dad          and mamaís open arms



Chorus I:


C                  F                   C/F                 Bb                        F

Then Iíll be home (Iíll be home) when I see them face to face


           Am                 Dm                     Bb/G                     C7

Iíll be home (Iíll be home) when Iím in their sweet embrace


Bb                    C/Bb                           F                          Bb       F/A

Even though I love this house          and everything it holds


Bb/G                      C/A        Dm            Bb/G F/C C7 F

When I know that they are here          then Iíll   be home



Verse III:


Gb                              Gb/Bb                       B                          Ab/C

Walking through the city          streets of gold and gates of pearl


B/Ab                    Db/Bb                   Ebm/B                Db

Never seen such beauty          anywhere in this old world


Gb                        Gb/Bb                   B                Ab/C

But still I will be lonely          if itís possible to be


B/Ab               Db/Bb                           D/B              C/D   D7

Not until Iím face to face          will it be home for me



Chorus II:


D7       G                  D/G                   C                         G    

Iíll be home (Iíll be home) when before His throne I stand


           Bm                Em                   C/A                             D7

Iíll be home (Iíll be home) when I touch his nail-scarred hands


C                      D/C                          G                      C         G/B

Even though a mansion waits          made of purest gold


C/A                   D/B        Em

When I see my Saviorís face


C/A                   D/B        Em

When I see my Saviorís face


C/A                   D/B        Em

When I see my Saviorís face


C/A  G/D D7 G

Then Iíll  be home


C/A   G/D D7 G

Then Iíll   be home