Donít Take My Jesus

Words and Music by Peggy Hilton

© 1992 HIM Music


Key: G



Verse I:


G                       C     D7

Take away the sun



Take away the moon


                             EmA                  C/A

You can take the stars, and their shine


Em/A                   C/A

The day and the night,


        C/D              D7

The land and the sea





       G7                   Cmaj7   C

But donít take my Jesus



Heís more than life to me


G7                    Cmaj7    C

Donít take my Jesus


      F                       Am7

He is my Prince of Peace


                 Cmaj7    D/C

Lily of the Valley



Heís coming back for me


                        Cmaj7    C

Donít take my Jesus


Am7/D                      D7 G

Heís more than life to  me



Verse II:


G                           C     D7

He is my morning sun



That shines for me each day


           EmA       C/A

Gives life eternally


Em/A       C/A

He is my sanity


C/D                      D7

Everything I believe