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Last updated 24 December 2004


since 16/12/03


Welcome to the Havergal Genealogy Website.Frances Ridley Havergal (1836 - 1879)

If you choose to copy, reproduce, or transmit any of the data on this site, please clearly indicate its source. Just as we share our information with you, please share any relevant information you may have with us.

Click on the link 'genealogical database' to explore the family tree, or use the other links on the left to navigate the site. Alternatively, jump to one of the following locations on the tree:

  • William Henry Havergal (1793 - 1870), clergyman and composer, and father of the hymnwriter, Frances Ridley Havergal (pictured right)
  • Knowles Havergill (died 1591), most distantly traced member of the Havergal (or 'gill') family
  • Samuel Crouch (born before 1620), most distantly traced member of the Crouch family
  • William Hepworth (died 1722), most distantly traced member of the Hepworth family
  • Leod Olafson (ABT 1200 - ABT 1280), founder of Clan MacLeod, and related to the Havergals through the MacLeods of Drynoch


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