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The Pink Lipstick Award

Yes, this is my award... and YOU can win it!
Now, doesn't that sound inviting?

Sure it does... It's easy to win it, don't be that serious with following my "rules"... as long as you're a Rocky Horror-fan
- a happy and dedicating one - you'll be sure to win it!

Now, go ahead... mail me and win my beautiful award!
( actually I DO think it's very beautfiul, don't you? )

*someone whispers* - "Say yes, say yes, God dammit!!!"

Hmm... who said that... must be one of my slaves... Sorry, do go on... and enjoy! Oy, I nearly forgot...
You can also take a lot of the award(s) I have won... ok?

You must do or have these things, before you can get my award...