Jacqueline Lynaugh
Professional Musician and Storyteller

	Jacqueline Lynaugh has been a professional musician and storyteller since 1980. She has played 
guitar since the age of 4 and began performing music at the age of 11. Jacqueline studied acting and music at 
Montclair College in New Jersey, where she studied with Gerard Schwartz, current conductor of the Seattle 
Symphony. She received training for the Clarsach, or Gaelic Harp, from Ann Heymann, Violaine Mayor of 
Hent Telenn Breizh, and Margie Butler of Golden Bough.  For further information on Gaelic harps, go to
www.clarsach.net. She did her acting apprenticeship at the Berkeley Shakespeare Festival in California. She 
was taught to storytell for the New Jersey Library System by Judith Rovenger, who later became head of 
children's services for the Westchester Library System in New York. Jacqueline is a member of SAAC 
(The Storytelling Association of Alta California). For further information on the storytelling association, 
please go to www.storysaac.org. Jacqueline also teaches as part of the LEAP artist-in-schools program. 
Jacqueline has performed and sung at private parties, company parties, schools, and amusement parks on 
the East and West Coasts as well recently performing for several private engagements in Europe. Click here 
to read more about her research trip in Europe.

The costumed characters that she performs as include (click on a fairy):

Lady Emerald
The Blue Fairy Storyteller
Mother Goose By Request
The Snow Queen
Mary Poppins
Upcoming Performances
Jacqueline's CD Release

Jacqueline's fees range depending on the location, size of the audience, and duration of the performance.

Permission to use the harp artwork was provided by the courtesy of Hent Telenn Breizh of Brittany, France.

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