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The Buzz on Blev
What's being said about Michael Blevins . . .

Laura Geopfert, parent of Michael Blevins student:

"Thank you so much for your work with Robin. She trusts you completely and is so eager to learn anything you might teach her. We appeciate your positive attitude and how careful you are to develop confidence and a strong self image in the kids. We can't thank you enough. You have a rare talent for working with young people and we feel lucky to have Robin benefit from your gifts."

Peter Filichia, Drama Critic The Star Ledger:

"Take it from me, who's been regularly attending high school musicals for more than four decades; I've never seen the likes of what Michael Blevins and his Young Performers achieve."

Gwen Verdon, Three-time Tony Winning Dancer/Actress:

"There's no one better than Michael Blevins for training young people in dance. Call him. He gave my grandson Sean his first dance lessons."

Sir Richard Attenborough, Film Director in regard to A CHORUS LINE:

"Blevins, as I call him, wants to know everything that's going on and loves the other side of the camera. He is also a very good actor and I understand from Jeffrey that he's also an excellent dancer. His acting is intuitive. He works very hard and was totally prepared both for his audition and, much more importantly for when he was playing. He was absolutely at concert pitch...."

Laura Stern: Drama Teacher, Great Neck North High School, Great Neck NY

"Thank you so much for your involvement in our show. You have been wonderful. Your talent and creativity never cease to amaze me."

Danny Daniels, Tony Award Winning Choreographer:

"Michael Blevins is a joy to work with!"

Angela & John Sepe, parents of Michael Blevins student:

"As parents, we love the program. The major highlight of this program is Michael Blevins. The children love him and want to work for him. He demands that they work as young professionals and they do it willingly. He cares about them as individuals, and they in turn want to make him proud."

Anne Francisco, parent of Michael Blevins student:

"Thank you for the wonderful teaching you do and the loving heart it comes from. Your caring shows in all you give."

Joe Tremaine, Los Angeles/Hollywood Choreographer & Dance Master:

"Your performance in the show is excellent - you certainly have a shinning quality on stage - and I'm pleased your first Broadway show is with Chita!"

Michael Rupert, New York Actor:

"Saw your show Monday night and I just had to tell you you're a hot performer. Your energy certainly put the material and the others to shame. Congratulations! See you around."

Michael Stern, The Big Wood Foundation:

"Little did I realize how talented you are and what great 'report' with young people! Needless to say, the workshop was a tremendous success, thanks to you and your staff's organization and leadership. I look forward to taking this exciting 'opening' to a long run production. Many thanks for your commitment to these youngsters."

Sir Richard Attenborough, Film Director in regard to "Chaplin":

"I do hope you enjoyed your brief appearance. It could not have been more beautifully played."

Robert Estner, Artistic Director, Summerfest School-Ballet Conservatory:

"Thank you so much for all the excitement you've brought to our studio this week. You worked so damned hard for your money and then some. You must come back again and hopefully our budget can compensate you better for both your work and talent. I'll be in touch!"

Bette Ann, parent of Michael Blevins' student:

"As a newcomer to the children's workshop, I would like to express my regard for the talented Michael Blevins. His style is utterly amazing. Bravo! My daughter will be back for future workshops and we will spread the word about how wonderful Mr. Blevins is."

Cassady Clark, 6th Grade Elementary Student:

"Michael totally changed the way I look towards my future. When I am an adult I am going to be something like Michael because he developed over 100 kids with little or no acting background into stage performers. I really admire that in him. Michael Blevins is my hero. He is the one to whom I will thank and give the credit to when I am a famous actress."

Joe Currie, parent of Michael Blevins' student:

"Just a quick not to thank you for having the skill, the patience and the belief in the young children involved in your workshop. I was instantly a fan agter witnessing the level of performance that the cast was able to pull off. As a newcomer to your program my daughter and I applaud your desire in having the kids, believe that they can do anything they want. She hadn't any real experience with tap and it brings joy to my ears to hear her shuffling around the kitchen floor. My daughter clearly states that she had fun, worked hard and looks forward to attending another workshop. In conclusion, keep up the good work. I hope you are truly given the recognition you deserve to keep your workshops going and we will see you again!"